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52 mins

Managing Client Expectations During Tax Season with Remote Resources

Peak tax season is tough for even the most seasoned CPAs, EAs and accounting firms. This webinar presented on Encoursa, delves into a solution for managing these expectations – in the form of outsourcing and talks about why this is a strategic choice.

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59 mins

Leadership In The New Normal

How can you evolve as a Leader in the New Normal? In this webinar, QX and ACCA join hands to answer the hot questions on how leaders in accounting can lead their firms into the new normal and the upcoming trends in accounting during these post-pandemic times.

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60 mins

Up Your Talent Game – Solve Your People Challenge

This on-demand webinar is hosted by Laurence Whittam – Industry Speaker & Influencer and presented by Phil Whitman, President of Whitman Business Advisors, Strategist and Consultant. It discusses why finding the right talent has become challenging for CPAs and accounting firms.

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59 mins

Making Your CPA Firm More Resilient in the New Normal – 5 Steps Towards Success

QXAS US provides flexible and immediately scalable accounting services to CPAs, EAs and accounting firms to access qualified staff. Learn how we can help you get more work done, increase profits and achieve a degree of seamlessness in your accounting practice.

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