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Discrpency Proof Ledgers. Delivered

A ledger review is essential to get complete financial transparency of business operations. If you don’t maintain a ledger, you won’t be able to prepare income statements, trial balances and balance sheets. Maintenance of a ledger requires plenty of time and efforts, and that’s why most accounting firms get external support to produce these.

Since a ledger review is one of the most pivotal areas of any accounting process, QXAS US helps you improve your firm’s service offerings and reporting for your clients. Additionally, we provide accounting and bookkeeping support to help your firm transform into a high-performance organization.

Scope of work

  • Preparation and posting of adjustments
  • Resolving posting errors
  • Year-end adjustments
  • Review of sub-ledger entries

What you must provide

  • Completed financial statements
  • Last year’s adjustments or AJEs
  • Your instructions and assumptions regarding the job
  • Work papers to reconcile all tax payments


  • Weekly or monthly job progress reports
  • Reports on journal entries
  • P & L report
  • Adjusted journal entries
  • Adjusted trial balance
  • Variance analysis
  • Provisions or payables report
  • Software backup
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