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For QX, building a sustainable business means creating positive social and environmental impact across everything we do. This includes reducing world hunger, changing the lives of disabled people, focusing on fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, helping to build thriving communities, and providing educational support to underprivileged children.

QX’s Corporate Citizenship is a continuous process and we commit to taking an approach that is genuine, meaningful, and with the intention to do good in the world.

QX’s commitment to the
United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Now, more than ever, is our commitment required to accelerate change. Our Giving Partner, B1G1’s ‘Business for Good’ movement, helps QX drive progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by United Nations member states. We regularly integrate our ‘Outsourcing for Good’ goals into our business’ daily operations.

The following chart shows the impacts QX is contributing to achieving the UN Global Goals towards poverty, hunger, education, clean water, literacy and health.

QX Corporate Social Responsibility Flagship Programs

Special Olympics Bharat

Special Olympics Bharat

We have co-sponsored a previous Special Olympics Bharat event and regularly include the younger persons with disabilities in our yearly events. Special Olympics Bharat is a Charitable Trust utilising the power of sports to change the lives of children and adults with intellectual disability.

QX Navjyot Andhan Mandal

Navjyot Andhan Mandal
(Blind People Association)

QX carries out clothing collection drives which are donated to the Blind People Association. Navjyot Andhjan Mandal assists blind students and workers from rural areas with food, accommodation and training to be self-sufficient. Nearly 100 people live at the facility.

QX Education Support For Children

Education Support For Children

We support children from underprivileged backgrounds to get an education and uplift themselves. We currently sponsor the education of 18 children attending Shree Nayak School and another 22 other children in Ahmedabad from underprivileged backgrounds.

QX Shree Vasuki Charitable Trust

Shree Vasuki Charitable Trust

During the height of the COVID pandemic, with the help of Vasuki Charitable Trust, we distributed masks and sanitisers. Shree Vasuki Charitable Trust Service supports education for underprivileged children, the empowerment of women rights and Veterinary assistance.

QX Dang Tribal Community Support

Dang Tribal Community Support

During the COVID pandemic, we donated monetarily to the Dang arts community. Dang is one of India's most economically afflicted districts, which made the pandemic's impact even more consequential.

Need more information?

QX Annual Report 2022 outlines our performance and also includes details of our work in the area of social and environmental impact.

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