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Payroll Outsourcing Services for Accounting Firms

Trusted Payroll Outsourcing Services in USA

Get the challenge out of payroll with payroll outsourcing services that facilitate optimal payroll management for your clients.

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In-Depth US Payroll Expertise

Getting payroll right can mean a big accomplishment for everyone. When you started your career in this field, your goal was not to manage all the extensive paperwork and follow the latest payroll regulations. Every area of payroll management is a time-consuming and exhaustive task. This includes everything: Entering employee information in the software, sending salary into employee accounts, making payroll checks, and much more.

QXAS US helps you save all that valuable time with our outsourced payroll services so you can invest it in growing your business. Besides, we also help you bring down your operating costs by a staggering 50%. Just send us all the variable monthly particulars and our experienced team can provide you with your payrolls.

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Scope of Tasks

  • Setting up a payroll schedule for each client while meeting policy requirements
  • Generating weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll based on your needs
  • Making tax payments that include state income tax, federal withholding tax, and employment taxes, insurance and any other benefits

What Will We Need?

  • Each employee’s completed W-4 form
  • Each employee’s attendance report/timesheet
  • Each employee’s pay rate and weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payment schedule
  • Employer’s Bank details to make the payments and Employees’ Bank details for direct deposits.


  • Weekly/monthly payroll reports based on your needs
  • Manually/electronically filed form 941 & NYS-45 (payroll returns)
  • Check stubs/pay stubs for the client
  • Issue of Form W-2 and 1099s after completion of year.
  • Email confirmation of payroll returns from clients

Outsourcing payroll services offers significant benefits, including enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and compliance assurance. For CPAs and accounting firms, this means entrusting a critical function to experts who specialize in payroll management.

This approach leads to improved accuracy and reduced errors, as outsourcing firms are equipped with the latest payroll technologies and stay updated with changing tax laws and regulations. Additionally, it frees up internal resources, allowing firms to focus on core business activities and strategic growth.

Outsourcing payroll also provides scalability, adapting to the changing needs of businesses, whether it’s handling seasonal fluctuations or company growth.

Moreover, it ensures the confidentiality and security of payroll data as professional service providers implement robust data protection measures. In essence, outsourcing payroll services is a strategic move for firms aiming to streamline their operations and focus on their core competencies.

Choosing the right payroll outsourcing company involves evaluating their expertise, technology, and client support. Firstly, ensure the company has a strong track record and experience in handling payroll complexities specific to your industry. Look for a provider that uses advanced payroll technology, offering robust features like integration capabilities with your existing systems and secure data management.

It’s also crucial to assess their compliance expertise to ensure adherence to the latest tax laws and regulations. Additionally, consider their customer support and service responsiveness, as timely assistance is vital for payroll operations. Opt for a company that offers tailored solutions aligning with your business needs and size.

Finally, review client testimonials and seek referrals to gauge their reliability and performance. Selecting a company that excels in these areas will ensure efficient, accurate, and compliant payroll management for your firm.

QX adapts to the specific software preferences of each client for their payroll outsourcing services, ensuring seamless integration with the client’s existing systems. Whether it’s popular platforms like ADP, QuickBooks, Xero, or any other specialized payroll software, QX’s skilled team is equipped to work proficiently with the tools that clients are already using.

This flexibility allows for a tailored approach, ensuring that each client’s unique needs and processes are met with precision and efficiency. By aligning with the client’s choice of software, QX enhances the effectiveness of payroll management, maintaining consistency and reliability in every aspect of payroll processing and compliance.

This adaptable approach underscores QX’s commitment to providing personalized and client-centric payroll outsourcing solutions.

QX guarantees precise and timely payment for employees by implementing a robust and streamlined payroll process in outsourcing payroll. Our approach combines advanced payroll software with a team of experienced payroll specialists, ensuring every detail is meticulously managed. From accurate tax calculations to adherence to local and federal regulations, we handle every aspect with precision.

Regular audits and compliance checks are part of our routine to maintain accuracy. Additionally, our efficient processing system ensures payroll is completed on time, every time, mitigating any delays or errors. With QX, you can trust that your payroll responsibilities are managed effectively, providing peace of mind for both you and your employees.

This commitment to accuracy and timeliness is what makes QX Accounting Services a reliable partner for payroll outsourcing.

QX distinguishes itself among payroll outsourcing providers by offering customized solutions, leveraging client-preferred software, and ensuring data security with skilled expertise.

This adaptability to work with the software already in use by clients allows for seamless integration, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency. The skilled experts at QX are not only proficient in various payroll systems but are also committed to staying abreast of evolving payroll regulations and trends. This expertise ensures accuracy and compliance. Furthermore, QX places a high priority on data security, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive information. Their approach combines client-specific software proficiency, deep domain knowledge, and stringent security practices.

This blend of personalized service, technological adaptability, and security assurance positions QX as a leading choice in payroll outsourcing for CPAs and accounting firms.

Outsourcing payroll services begins with selecting a specialized provider tailored to your firm’s needs and establishing a detailed service agreement. This is followed by transferring employee data and payroll information to the provider, who then integrates it into their payroll system. The provider manages all aspects of payroll processing, including calculations, payments, tax filings, and compliance management. Regular communication ensures updates or changes in payroll data are accurately reflected.

This streamlined process not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the risk of errors and regulatory non-compliance, freeing CPAs and accounting firms to concentrate on their core business activities.

Clients maintaining oversight and control over their payroll data is a key feature of QX’s outsourcing payroll services. At QX, we understand the importance of transparency and control in payroll management. Therefore, we offer a collaborative approach, ensuring clients have full access to their payroll data and the ability to oversee all aspects of the process.

We facilitate real-time monitoring, allowing clients to track progress and make informed decisions. Additionally, we ensure regular communication and detailed reporting so clients are always up-to-date with their payroll status.

This approach ensures that while outsourcing payroll to QX, clients retain essential control and oversight, aligning with their internal policies and compliance requirements. It’s a balance of expert handling by QX and continuous client engagement, ensuring a seamless and controlled payroll process.

Yes, QX efficiently handles payroll processing for full-time and part-time employees and contractors, ensuring a comprehensive solution for diverse workforce needs. This versatility is crucial for CPAs and accounting firms managing different employment types.

QX’s payroll outsourcing services are designed to adapt to varied payroll requirements, providing accurate and timely processing for each employee category. The system seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, ensuring consistency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

By leveraging advanced technology and expertise, QX delivers payroll solutions that are not only efficient but also secure, maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and confidentiality. QX offers a tailored approach to payroll processing, making it an ideal partner for firms seeking to streamline their payroll operations across all employee types.

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