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Phase 1 - Project evaluation

  • QXAS US transition team works with you to gain an understanding of the nature and volume of your accounting firm and business processes.
  • Build step-by-step migration roadmap
  • Assess and mitigate risk
  • Develop detailed plans for staffing, technology, infrastructure and monitoring & reporting

Phase 2 - Agree Target Operating Model (TOM)

  • Working in conjunction with your accountancy practice, the data gathered during the evaluation stage is used to determine an appropriate Day 1 operating model.

Phase 3 - Integration plan

  • Evaluation process and TOM are fully documented and mutually agreed upon Plans are executed such as assigning staff, installing appropriate technology, preparing training materials, training new recruits, etc.

Phase 4 - Transfer and transition

  • This is perhaps the most important step in the transition process. It involves the following:
  • Moving to operational running in “pilot” mode
  • Initiating process monitoring and dashboards
  • Ongoing communication with stakeholders

Phase 5 - Transformation

  • Once the transition has taken place, it is important to evaluate the process on a continuous basis. QXAS US ensures that:
  • Monthly or weekly meetings take place with the clients
  • Performance is reported
  • SLA metrics are tracked
  • Improvement plans are created and executed on-the-go

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