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End-to-End Tax Outsourcing Services for CPA Firms

Tax Services

Make tax preparation simpler, do more taxes and earn more with our professional and deadline-oriented tax outsourcing services.

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Since 2013, QXAS US has been helping CPAs, EAs and accountants manage the tax preparation needs of their clients. We have built solid expertise in US tax legislation and keep up-to-speed with all tax changes to ensure preparation accuracy and are able to navigate all tax complexities seamlessly. A team of qualified accountants with demonstrable expertise in both individual and business tax works on the tax preparation needs of your practice. With us, breathe easy knowing your clients’ taxes are prepared by the right people, with the right infrastructure that meets the highest standards of data security. 

With QXAS’ accounting outsourcing services, CPAs and accounting practices experience the benefit of: 

  • Greater profitability 
  • Faster turnaround times 
  • Creative space to expand service offerings 
  • More time to innovate and grow 
  • Enhanced client satisfaction 
  • Staff shortage management 
  • A more efficient practice 
  • Practice transformation 

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Talk to our tax experts

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The QX team works with only the latest and popularly used software to take care of your accounting needs.  


Our Services

Sales and use tax Outsourcing Services

Sales and use tax

Your clients will have to meet the sales tax obligations of 45 states, the District of Colombia and 8,000 local tax jurisdictions. Our tax experts have comprehensive knowledge of all compliance requirements and prepare taxes that take into consideration all demanding state and jurisdiction specific guidelines. We will take care of the complex tax needs of your clients.

Business and income tax -outsourcing

Business and income tax

Our tax preparation expertise includes both business and individual income tax and we offer outsourced tax support to your CPA firm customized to meet all specific needs. Our specialist tax services enable client retention and acquisition by helping you scale your tax services. You no longer have to be under tremendous pressure this tax season. We take the burden off your shoulders.

Multistate Tax Outsourcing

Multistate Tax

All the business decisions of your clients will have a tax consequence. These can turn into complications if their operations are spread over multiple jurisdictions and have to comply with both state and federal tax obligations. We deliver an integrated tax approach that helps you meet all the tax preparation requirements of your clients with a multistate footprint.



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know more about our services

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