QX PracticePro – Building the Practice of the Future

QX PracticePro liberates accountants from the burden of juggling multiple software by integrating them into a collaborative cloud-based platform. This one-stop solution empowers accountants to quickly onboard clients, meet regulatory compliance, seamlessly transition data between software, and effortlessly handle compliance functions.

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Frank Robinson at Accountex 2022

Frank Robinson was recently interviewed at the 2022 Accountex Conference & Expo in London. In the video, he talks about the staffing challenges faced by accountancy firms in the UK and how QXAS can help resolve them. He also addresses the growing trend of outsourcing to India and its indisputable benefits.

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Charushree Khare, QX Academy Graduate

The QX Academy is at the epicentre of our talent strategy. It nourishes talent and transforms them into highly trained accountants and recruitment professionals of the future to enable business transformation for our clients.

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Chris Robinson, Chairman and Founder

Chris Robinson founded QX in 2003 with a clear vision to help ambitious businesses in the accounting and recruitment sectors scale up to reach their full potential.

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Frank Robinson, Group Chief Executive Officer

Frank Robinson became CEO in 2019 and set out his bold vision for QX's global growth. Taking the proven success of the QX service model and its unique DNA, he has enabled the team at QX to transform the services, territories and sectors it supplies.

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Rachel Thomas, SVP, Employee Experience

Rachel Thomas joined QX in 2019 from the UK to build a forward-thinking people strategy for the business. It is more than human capital. It is about empowering QXites at all levels to reach their personal development goals and ensuring that the unique family culture at QX enables every employee to transform into the managers of the future.

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