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Make your law firm accounting practice more profitable

A team of highly professional and exceptionally well-qualified CPAs, we have a successful track record of managing the accounting needs of law firms. Your law firm clients are in able hands when you outsource their needs to us, and you get the benefit of choosing a single service or a whole package as per your needs. What’s more, our outsourcing services can be scaled up quickly to meet the growing needs of your CPA firm.

Our law firm accounting outsourcing services bring numerous benefits to the table, including:

  • A boost in business profitability by up to 50%
  • Scalability that helps add more clients to your list
  • Control over your infrastructure expenses
  • A range of service capabilities
  • Limiting overheads related to employee costs
  • Proactive personal attention ensures exceptional quality standards
  • More time to invest in other strategic activities that fuel business growth

Our Services

Whether it is managing talent crunch, adding to your services portfolio, bringing new process efficiencies, increasing productivity, or enhancing profitability, our expertise will help meet all your business objectives.

  • Financial reporting  Financial reporting
  • Income tax planning & compliance  Income tax planning & compliance
  • New partner tax assistance  New partner tax assistance
  • Partnership allocations  Partnership allocations
  • Payroll processing  Payroll processing
  • Cash flow budgeting  Cash flow budgeting
  • Budget preparation  Budget preparation
  • Management reporting  Management reporting
  • Bookkeeping  Bookkeeping
  • Auditing  Auditing
  • Trust account reconciliations  Trust account reconciliations

Software Proficiency

Our software capabilities cut across all commonly used accounting, tax and payroll software. Don’t worry, if the software you are using is not in the below list, we are fully capable of working with your preferred software.


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