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Frequently Asked Questions

Get honest answers to your top questions about outsourcing to QXAS


The QXAS FAQ page covers various topics, including costs, security, support, and more, so you should be able to find most, if not all of the answers you need here. However, if you still have some unaddressed questions, feel free to get in touch with our support team or our sales consultants at [email protected]

We use QuickBooks, Xero, Lacerte, Drake, Engagement, ProSystem Fx, TurboTax and TaxACT to name a few. Our staff is well-versed with a diverse kind of cloud accounts & bookkeeping software.

One-man company to 15 partner firms with over 5 million turnover and more than 60 staff members – we work with a varied client base.

Costing depends on your requirement. We have different pricing models and flexible pricing. From an ad-hoc model to an FTE one, we also work as per block of hours. In fact, most of our clients prefer block of hours. Some large practices we work with have hired full time employees here and they have their dedicated team working from our office reporting directly to them.

Turnaround time varies according to volume of work related to the job. We send QX budgeted number hours where we think that the budget provided by you in QX Job Checklist beforehand is not sufficient to complete the assignment.

When we sign the contract with client, the process after that depends upon the type of contract: If an FTE contract is signed, the employee who would be working on the project will be introduced to the client along with the respective team leader. The client will then directly co-ordinate with the employee for the work. The general process is that client will impart training w.r.t their own modus operandi and once the employee is trained, he or she will start working. We charge our clients a fixed amount on a monthly basis. If an ad hoc contract is signed, the client provides work at regular intervals and whichever competent employee is available is assigned the Job. No specific employee gets introduced to the client in this engagement model. Payments are made on an hourly basis.

We understand that exchange of sensitive information via emails or any other digital channel can be risky. Since QXAS Inc. is committed to ensuring your client data remains safe with us, we use a 256-bit SSL encrypted client portal. We provide this facility to our clients to allow them to share confidential accounting information with the QXAS Inc. team. The clients can transfer files to and from QX without any size limit.

For as long as you want to. The beauty of working with QXAS Inc. is that you can choose either of the engagement models (FTE, ad hoc and block-of-hours) depending upon your requirement. If you are satisfied with our services and have more jobs for us, we can continue working together.

Yes, we do offer free trial for all our services. You can make use of this facility even before signing any contract with us. A free trial will give you a chance to check the quality of our services and help you to decide whether or not you want to partner with us.

The QX group has more than 800 people based in our delivery center in India who provide US-standard accountancy services to a sizeable and diverse client base using our core team of accountants. Qualifications include CPA and Indian CA with a notable experience in US accounting. Basic accounts graduates come with minimum experience of 2-3 years.

Our work timings are from Monday to Friday. Our US team works from 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST. Employees in India, on the other hand, work on two shifts i.e. 11:30 AM IST to 8:20 PM IST and 3:30 PM IST to 12:30 AM IST. But if the situation demands, our staff is also open to working over the weekends so that the work gets done.

We are a professional and reliable resource of accounting and back office services working with over 50 accounting practices across the USA. Our delivery centers in India are compliant with ISO 27001:2013 for security and 9001:2008 quality management standards. We use restricted internet access, strong firewalls and web monitoring services to ensure your data can only be accessed by the authorized staff.

Sharing your financial data with us is easy and secure. Whether it is regarding paper documents and files in a digital format or data inside the financial software you use, QXAS Inc. has standard protocols to ensure the exchange of information happens in a compliant manner. Watch a short video to find out how the process works.


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The QXAS management team is comprised of experienced accountants, who bring years of experience to the business.


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