Mexico – The Emerging Nearshoring Hub

On-Demand Webinar

Mexico – The Emerging Nearshoring Hub: A Game-Changer for CPAs and Accounting Firms

Step into the evolving world of nearshoring with our in-depth webinar. Tailored specifically for CPAs and accounting firms, this session offers essential insights into Mexico’s rising prominence as a nearshoring destination. Learn how embracing nearshoring in Mexico can transform your firm, equipping you to meet the challenges and opportunities in the current accounting landscape with confidence and insight.

Who Will Benefit from This Webinar?

  • CPAs Exploring Global Opportunities: Understand how nearshoring in Mexico can redefine your business model and client offerings.
  • Accounting Firms Seeking Strategic Growth: Discover how Mexico’s nearshoring capabilities can drive innovation and efficiency in your services.
  • Decision-Makers in Accounting: Gain actionable strategies to integrate nearshoring into your business, enhancing your competitive edge in the market.

This Webinar Covers:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Expert insights into Mexico’s emergence as a nearshoring hub and its implications for the accounting sector.
  • Strategic Approaches: Learn how to effectively integrate nearshoring into your business model, overcoming common challenges and leveraging unique opportunities.
  • Flexible Learning: Engage with the content at your convenience. Pause, revisit, and absorb critical strategies to ensure seamless adoption in your practice.

This webinar is a must-have resource for CPAs and accounting firms in the USA aiming to stay ahead of their competitors amid the ongoing talent shortage. It offers a comprehensive exploration of transitioning from traditional models to embracing nearshoring in Mexico. This approach promises to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and open new avenues for business growth and client satisfaction in the accounting sector.

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SVP, Strategic Growth, QXAS

Mike Walton is skilled in fostering C-level ties, resulting in steady business growth. With a knack for surpassing expectations with tailored solutions, he forges links between CPAs, streamlined solutions, and strategic goals, addressing talent gaps for immediate needs and lasting success.


Center Head- Mexico, QXAS

Marco is a results-driven leader serving as the Center Head – Mexico at QX Accounting Services. With a strong focus on fostering talent, he’s devoted to empowering individuals, surpassing client expectations, and revolutionizing industry standards through innovative approaches.


AVP - Customer Success, QXAS

Trevor is a seasoned sales and business management expert with a decade of experience specializing in optimizing company performance. With a solid background in business management & marketing and a Mini MBA, Trevor excels in business development and strategic sales.

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