Accounting Automation in 2024 & Beyond: Challenges & Solutions

On-Demand Webinar

Have you been on the fence about automation? Are you curious to explore the potential of automation and accountech, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Join us to demystify the A to Z of accounting automation, from its raging potential to its challenges and solutions. Our experts, Sagar Ahuja – CEO, QX Accounting Services, Phil Hobden – Head of Strategy and Growth, Know-it, Sheetal Shah – Partner, DSK LLP, and Pramith Naidu – VP – New Business and Client Relations, share their insights on getting started with automation and finding the right solution.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to scale your firm using easy automation
  • Tackling the myths and challenges of automation
  • Choosing the right automation partner
  • QX PracticePro: your bespoke automation solution

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CEO, QXAS Outsourcing

An ACCA-qualified Chartered Accountant, Sagar Ahuja is an accounting outsourcing evangelist. He has rich leadership experience of over 17 years and a successful track record of working with diverse accounting firms, helping them achieve great heights with outsourcing. At QXAS, Sagar spearheads growth and helps expand our presence across target geographies with a robust and sustainable business footprint.


Head of Strategy and Growth, Know-it

Phil is a renowned personality in accounting circles, having helped countless accountancy firms scale with groundbreaking solutions. A fintech expert, he empowers businesses to efficiently manage their credit processes and mitigate financial risks. He is the flagbearer of driving and implementing change in the otherwise traditional accounting sector. He is also a public speaker and a podcast host.


Partner, DSK LLP

Sheetal Shah is an industry veteran and is passionate about digital accounting. He specialises in business growth strategies, developing processes to give insights, and applies his tech expertise to manage early-stage companies across various industry sectors. His early career was spent developing Shah Kazemi & Co., a local South London based firm, which later merged with DS & Co. Ltd to form DSK LLP. Sheetal is the brains behind DSK’s highly acclaimed tech stack.


VP – New Business & Client Relations, QXAS

Pramith is an accounting and payroll professional with focused expertise in helping companies effectively manage and optimise their bottom line. His core focus lies in aligning accountants and payroll companies with the most efficient, effective, and affordable Accounting and Payroll services, through custom engagement models that caters to both immediate and long-term needs.

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