How are new age solutions reshaping outsourcing?

On-Demand Webinar

Mastering Modern Outsourcing: Essential Strategies for CPAs and Accounting Firms

Step into the future of outsourcing with our expert driven webinar. Designed for CPAs and accounting firms, this session offers vital insights into the latest trends and practices in outsourcing, helping you navigate this evolving sector with confidence and clarity.

Who Will Benefit from This Webinar?

  • CPAs facing challenges in adapting to new outsourcing methods.
  • Accounting firms looking to update their strategies with innovative outsourcing solutions.
  • Decisionmakers seeking clear, actionable advice on optimizing their outsourcing approach.

This Webinar Covers:

  • Valuable insights from industry experts on the evolution of staff augmentation, process automation, and bespoke models for CPA firms.
  • Practical strategies to sidestep common issues in modern outsourcing, ensuring a smooth integration of these novel solutions into your practice.
  • Engage with the content at your pace and watch at your convenience, with the ability to pause and revisit critical advice.

This webinar is an essential tool for those aiming to enhance their outsourcing strategy, focusing on boosting efficiency and effectiveness within their firms. Download now for a thorough exploration of the shift from traditional practices to innovative managed services and hybrid staffing models, equipping you to address upcoming challenges and embrace the opportunities in today’s accounting sector.

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CEO, QX Accounting Services

An ACCA-qualified Chartered Accountant, Sagar Ahuja is an accounting outsourcing evangelist. He has a successful track record of working with diverse accounting firms and helping them achieve great heights with outsourcing.


SVP, Strategic Growth, QX Accounting Services

Mike Walton is skilled in fostering C-level ties, resulting in steady business growth. With a knack for surpassing expectations with tailored solutions, he forges links between CPAs, streamlined solutions, and strategic goals, addressing talent gaps for immediate needs and lasting success.


Chief Revenue Officer, AIWYN

Pat excels in advancing professional services firms with solutions that optimize cash flow and improve client experiences. His expertise lies in transforming operational efficiencies and driving substantial growth.

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