The Really Bad News for Accountancy Practices and What to Do About it

On-Demand Webinar

QXAS and industry expert Steve Pipe, FCA, came together to survey the state of accounting in the UK – over 250 senior accountants jumped on the bandwagon and showed us a glimpse into the raw interiors of accounting in the UK. In this webinar, Steve shares the research results of the ‘The State of Accounting 2019 Report’ along with a resilient action plan for firms to stay steady through all thick and thin.

Here are some major takeaways:

  • Find out a three-tier solution to combat most accounting problems.
  • Explore the new avenues for accountants and firms to build upon.
  • Understand changes the accounting profession is going through right now.

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Practice Researcher and Strategist

Officially the world’s most highly rated advisor to accountants, Steve is a Chartered Accountant, best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and founder of Accountants Changing the World. His 2016 book, “The world’s most inspiring accountants”, has been described as a “masterpiece”, “ground-breaking” and “desperately needed”. His other books include “Your blueprint for a better accountancy practice”, “The UK’s best accountancy practices”, “Stress proof your business and your life” and “Better business, Better life, Better world.”

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