Round-Table Discussion: How Can Outsourcing and Tech Boost Your Profitability

On-Demand Webinar

Technology is integral to the success of businesses, especially as the world recovers from the effects of the global pandemic. Instantaneously, outsourcing plays a crucial role in boosting the profitability of accounting firms. But what happens when the two are put together?

Nick Hume, Director of Xeinadin Accountants, Nicola Reed, Account Manager at MyWorkpapers, and Sagar Ahuja, CEO of QXAS Outsourcing, share their valuable insights on the role of technology and outsourcing in facilitating a practice’s growth. Hear it directly from the experts who have been in the industry for more than a decade and have driven growth using collaborative tech and outsourcing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of outsourcing in boosting accounting firms’ profitability
  • The role of tech in transforming traditional accounting processes
  • Why technology is the future of accounting and auditing
  • The collaborative benefits of outsourcing and tech for accounting firms

The webinar aims to prepare accounting firms for a tech-powered future and help them take the plunge to outsource critical accounting and auditing processes.

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Nick Hume

Nick Hume

Director, Xeinadin Group

Passionate about growth and driving change, Nick has elaborate plans to make Xeinadin Group one of the top audit firms in the UK. He advocates embracing technology and outsourcing to boost practice efficiency and profitability.

Nicola Reed

Nicola Reed

Account Manager, MyWorkpapers

Nicola helps accountancy and audit professionals streamline workflow, eliminate admin, and boost productivity within their practice with SaaS solutions. She brings along a vast experience of functioning in the accounting industry and using tech to fuel practice efficiency.

Sagar Ahuja

CEO, QXAS Outsourcing

An ACCA-qualified Chartered Accountant, Sagar Ahuja is an accounting outsourcing evangelist. He has a successful track record of working with diverse accounting firms and helping them achieve great heights with outsourcing.

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