A modern accounting firm with a hybrid workforce – Acing the growth game in 2021 and beyond!

On-Demand Webinar

The pandemic forced accounting firms to adopt a new normal and think that business as usual would not work. Employees are working remotely, and firms had to majorly invest in tech, focus on cybersecurity, explore new growth avenues, and all this while keeping their bottom line in check. This webinar highlights leveraging a hybrid workforce, a mix of virtual/offshore accountants and in-house accountants, to build capacity for growth-focused firms in the present and the future.

Laurence Whittam (AVP, Client Services, QX), Philip J Whitman, CPA, CEPA, and Danny Mizrahi, CEO, Contango IT, discuss the benefits of a hybrid workforce.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • A hybrid workforce driving scalability of an accounting firm
  • The strategic benefits of a virtual staff or an offshore team of accountants
  • Managing and optimizing a hybrid workforce consisting of an offshore team
  • Cost-benefit of outsourced accountants over an in-house staff
  • A hybrid workforce backed by an offshore workforce supporting growth efforts
  • The importance of a data security-centric approach towards a hybrid workforce

This webinar aims to enable accounting firms, irrespective of size, to see a hybrid workforce as a key growth driver and a means of building resilience that helps them address all growth-centric challenges.

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Philip Whitman

CPA, CEPA, CEO & president, Whitman Business Advisors

Phil Whitman is one of the top experts in CPA firm growth and management; he brings a service philosophy and contributes unique perspective and skills to help you achieve your succession and acquisition goals. He is one of the top experts helping accounting firms ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Danny Mizrahi

Founder & CEO, Contango IT. Co-Founder & Managing Director, GRSee Americas

Danny is a reputed leader in the very well known, industry recognized, Cybersecurity company. He helps businesses leverage advanced technologies to help lower costs while increasing productivity, reliability, and data availability.

Laurence Whittam

AVP - Sales, QX Global Group

Laurence is a ‘Strategic Profit Enhancement’ expert wherein he has built a solid reputation for evaluating the expenses of a business and identifying areas that can benefit from expense reduction. He has helped hundreds of CPAs and Accounting Firms ranging from Solo to the Top 100s to identify their pain points and strategize and implement an action plan to address these issues.

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