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Critical Steps to Raise Your Rates Without Losing Clients

It can be challenging to find the right balance between raising prices and keeping your clients happy. What’s the best approach to navigate this tricky terrain?

Learn directly from America’s Top-ranking Pricing coach to master the art of raising rates without losing valuable clients.

Mike Walton- SVP, Strategic Growth, QXAS unveils the best-kept secret to improve your pricing strategy in conversation with America’s top-ranking pricing coach. Answering the questions posed by attendees, the experts reveal the secret that top CPAs use to raise their rates and achieve unrivaled success confidently.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The #1 pricing solution which quickly boosts your profits.
  • A proven formula to successfully raise your rates with confidence and ease.
  • 5 simple steps to convert existing clients to your new pricing.

The webinar educates accountants and practice owners about improving pricing strategies and positioning their firms for unmatched success.


QX PracticePro: Building the Practice of the Future

Are you tired of constantly switching between different software solutions, despite having the best tools in place? Do manual processes and scattered solutions eat up most of your valuable time? Not anymore!

Introducing QX PracticePro, our latest innovation designed to integrate all your software solutions in one convenient place on the cloud.

Our experts, Sagar Ahuja – CEO, QXAS Outsourcing, Pramith Naidu – VP – New Business & Client Relations, and Niraj Mehta – SVP – Business Innovation and Transformation, give an exclusive peek into the solution in conversation with Shane Lukas – Managing Director, AVN for Accountants. They delve into the unique features and benefits of the solution and answer the questions posed by attendees.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A 360-degree insight into QX PracticePro
  • It’s exclusive features and benefits
  • Customisable properties to suit accounting firms’ needs
  • Live product demo

The webinar aims to help accountants transform their practice through a tech revolution and unlock their firm’s true potential.

Onshoring – Your Recruiting Problems Solved

The competition to hire the best-in-industry talent is constantly growing in the accounting world. Meanwhile, practice owners also battle the burden of keeping operational costs in check. What’s the best approach to survive in this situation?

Onshoring could be the answer!

Sagar Ahuja, CEO – QXAS Outsourcing, and Pramith Naidu, VP – New Business & Client Relations, delve into the emerging concept of onshoring in conversation with Shane Lukas, Managing Director – AVN for Accountants. Answering the questions posed by attendees, the experts address its scope, relevance, and benefits to accountancy firms.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Onshoring as the new form of outsourcing
  • Its relevance and benefits to accountancy firms
  • How to implement onshoring in your practice

The webinar aims to educate accountants and practice owners about the latest trend in outsourcing and how it can channel growth for their firm.

Round-Table Discussion: How Can Outsourcing and Tech Boost Your Profitability

Technology is integral to the success of businesses, especially as the world recovers from the effects of the global pandemic. Instantaneously, outsourcing plays a crucial role in boosting the profitability of accounting firms. But what happens when the two are put together?

Nick Hume, Director of Xeinadin Accountants, Nicola Reed, Account Manager at MyWorkpapers, and Sagar Ahuja, CEO of QXAS Outsourcing, share their valuable insights on the role of technology and outsourcing in facilitating a practice’s growth. Hear it directly from the experts who have been in the industry for more than a decade and have driven growth using collaborative tech and outsourcing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of outsourcing in boosting accounting firms’ profitability
  • The role of tech in transforming traditional accounting processes
  • Why technology is the future of accounting and auditing
  • The collaborative benefits of outsourcing and tech for accounting firms

The webinar aims to prepare accounting firms for a tech-powered future and help them take the plunge to outsource critical accounting and auditing processes.

A modern accounting firm with a hybrid workforce – Acing the growth game in 2021 and beyond!

The pandemic forced accounting firms to adopt a new normal and think that business as usual would not work. Employees are working remotely, and firms had to majorly invest in tech, focus on cybersecurity, explore new growth avenues, and all this while keeping their bottom line in check. This webinar highlights leveraging a hybrid workforce, a mix of virtual/offshore accountants and in-house accountants, to build capacity for growth-focused firms in the present and the future.

Laurence Whittam (AVP, Client Services, QX), Philip J Whitman, CPA, CEPA, and Danny Mizrahi, CEO, Contango IT, discuss the benefits of a hybrid workforce.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • A hybrid workforce driving scalability of an accounting firm
  • The strategic benefits of a virtual staff or an offshore team of accountants
  • Managing and optimizing a hybrid workforce consisting of an offshore team
  • Cost-benefit of outsourced accountants over an in-house staff
  • A hybrid workforce backed by an offshore workforce supporting growth efforts
  • The importance of a data security-centric approach towards a hybrid workforce

This webinar aims to enable accounting firms, irrespective of size, to see a hybrid workforce as a key growth driver and a means of building resilience that helps them address all growth-centric challenges.

Tax Season Bootcamp: Make 2021 Your Firm’s Most Profitable Tax Season Yet

The stress that the Tax Season brings is no secret to tax and accounting professionals. It is considered by many as the most demanding times of the year, often marked by long hours, tight deadlines, last-minute meetings, and chasing clients.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine optimising your practice efficiency in the busy season to reduce burnout while achieving the highest levels of productivity?

QXAS hosted the Tax Season Bootcamp on 7th October 2021. Presented by Emma Slack and Alan Woods from AVN for Accountants along with Pramith Naidu, the Associate Vice President, Operations, QXAS, the webinar focused on positively managing the challenges along with the strategies to reduce stress and increase profits during the busy season to make 2021 your firm’s most profitable tax season yet.

The webinar highlights outsourcing as a strategic step that provides the much-needed injection of resources into your practice to allow your practice to grow from strength to strength.

Here are some takeaways from the hour-long webinar:

  • The challenges that lie ahead of you this busy season
  • Strategies to reduce the stress and burnout
  • The tremendous growth opportunity in the year ahead
  • How to restore a degree of work-life balance for your team

Simply enter your details to request a free playback of the webinar and find out how you can make this tax season the best one yet.

Rethink Traditional Accounting Processes: Drive Firm Growth and Profits with Existing and New Revenue Streams

Should successful firms put a premium on growth? How do accounting firms, especially those who haven’t faced any growth issues to date, explore new growth avenues? Why is it essential for them to do so?

These and many other such questions will be answered in this webinar. Firms that evolve, lead the progression to 21st Century firms. The firms that will survive and prosper won’t be vanilla accounting firms, but a collective of  ‘the most trusted advisors’ to their best clients. As advisors, their focus should be on offering value-added services while driving efficiencies in current services through restructuring, refocusing, and outsourcing foundational (often commoditized) services. This webinar aims to help accounting firms leverage growth-centric practice management tips, for sustainable growth.

A 21st Century firm needs to future-proof its business. This webinar tells you how to go about it.

In the hour-strong webinar, you will learn:

  • Why evolution is not just a better mousetrap but offers strategic benefits
  • Moving away from restrictive traditional methodologies and evolving to proactive value-based service engagements
  • Outsourcing as a strategy that ties in with a firm’s long-term evolution plans, irrespective of size or scope
  • The strategic benefits of outsourcing or remote staffing that go beyond just cost and include other efficiencies
  • It pays not to consider Change, Disruption, and Evolution as just buzzwords or a checklist item

How to Use Payroll Outsourcing to Grow Your Practice in 2021

QXAS, hosted its webinar 13th May 2021, presented by Shane Lukas, Managing Director, AVN Accountants & our Associate Vice President, Operations Pramith Naidu. In this webinar titled, ‘How to Use Payroll Outsourcing to Grow Your Practice in 2021’, we are bringing you the top 10 successful strategies employed by accounting practices to improve their profitability and growth even when working from home.
In the 45 minutes of the webinar, you will learn:

  • Why 87% accountants who outsourced payroll saw upto a 40% spike in their payroll profitability
  • How 68% accountants used payroll outsourcing to make more time for clients and how it impacted their profit margins.
  • Uncover the 10 Best practices that helped accountants thrive in the current climate using payroll outsourcing.
  • Discover the long-term strategic benefits of these best practices on the accounting firms surveyed.


When you request a playback of the webinar, we will use B1G1 on your behalf to fund:

  • Medical care for the elderly in India, who are most at risk from COVID-19,
  • Trauma counselling for children who lose their parents during the deadly wave of the virus
  • Water taps to reduce the spread of the infection by allowing more people to wash their hands more frequently.PS. Register today to grow your practice & become a part of something good. If even you can’t make it on the 13th, register anyway & we will send you a recording afterward.

Simply enter your details to request a free playback of the webinar and find out how accountants can make the most of their payroll services in 2021.

Managing Client Expectations During Tax Season with Remote Resources

QXAS, hosted its second webinar on Encoursa on 9th March. Presented by our Associate Vice President of US Operations Shaishav Dave and hosted by Jennifer H. Elder, CSP, CPA, the webinar titled – Managing Client Expectations During Tax Season with Remote Resources: Rationale and Best Practices, will take you through the challenges of the tax season and how remote resourcing or outsourcing can be the knight in shining armor.

The webinar seeks to highlight tax preparation outsourcing or accounting outsourcing as a strategic step that can bring a wealth of benefits to CPA firms and ensure process efficiencies. It seeks to impress upon the fact that outsourcing is not just a means to an end but a journey that results in long-term strategic benefits like digital transformation, tremendous value-addition and more.


  1. Challenges faced by CPAs, EAs and accounting firms
  2. Benefits of remote resourcing or outsourcing
  3. Outsourcing offers much more than just a cost saving deal
  4. The best practices of choosing a tax preparation outsourcing provider

Simply enter your details to request a free playback of the webinar and know-how outsourcing can help you manage client expectations better.

Leadership In The New Normal

In this webinar, QX and ACCA join hands to answer the hot questions on how leaders in accounting can lead their firms into the new normal and the upcoming trends in accounting during these post-pandemic times.

Here are some major takeaways :

  1. Learning Leadership Skills in Digital Accountancy
  2. Learning about steering employees and organization culture in the new normal
  3. Action points to lead accounting firms remotely
  4. Learn about upcoming trends in accounting
  5. Simply enter your details to request a free playback of the webinar, improve your practice and plan the next moves for leading your firm.