Managing Client Expectations During Tax Season with Remote Resources

Managing Client Expectations During Tax Season with Remote Resources

On-Demand Webinar

QXAS, hosted its second webinar on Encoursa on 9th March. Presented by our Associate Vice President of US Operations Shaishav Dave and hosted by Jennifer H. Elder, CSP, CPA, the webinar titled – Managing Client Expectations During Tax Season with Remote Resources: Rationale and Best Practices, will take you through the challenges of the tax season and how remote resourcing or outsourcing can be the knight in shining armor.

The webinar seeks to highlight tax preparation outsourcing or accounting outsourcing as a strategic step that can bring a wealth of benefits to CPA firms and ensure process efficiencies. It seeks to impress upon the fact that outsourcing is not just a means to an end but a journey that results in long-term strategic benefits like digital transformation, tremendous value-addition and more.


  1. Challenges faced by CPAs, EAs and accounting firms
  2. Benefits of remote resourcing or outsourcing
  3. Outsourcing offers much more than just a cost saving deal
  4. The best practices of choosing a tax preparation outsourcing provider

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Shaishav Dave

Associate Vice President – US Operations at QXAS USA

Shaishav Dave is an Associate Vice President – US Operations at QXAS USA. Shaishav is a US CPA, experienced Chartered Accountant & Information Systems Auditor with over 7 years of experience in US Accounting and Tax. A results-focused individual, his core expertise is helping CPAs sign up with the most suitable outsourcing model offered by QX with an eye on delivering a plethora of strategic benefits in the form of scalability, cost efficiency, and more that give CPAs and accounting firms a competitive edge. He has comprehensive knowledge in property management, US payroll, business, and individual tax preparation, and trucking company accounting that allows him to understand challenges faced by CPAs and align the right solution to address these challenges. His pin-point resource management skills help QX in address resourcing problems faced by CPAs and firms in the busy tax season and ensure faster TAT. He is actively involved in training accountants and keeping them updated with all statutory amendments.

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