Making Your CPA Firm More Resilient in the New Normal – 5 Steps Towards Success

Making Your CPA Firm More Resilient in the New Normal – 5 Steps Towards Success

On-Demand Webinar

What can CPA firms do to not only stay afloat but also prosper in the New Normal? This on-demand webinar hosted in conjunction with Encoursa, and presented by Harsh Shukla (Associate Vice President – US Operations at QXAS USA) gives you the answer. The pandemic has laid out in no uncertain terms that businesses must build newer and sustainable capabilities to survive in difficult times. But why not make ‘resilience’ a habit. This webinar charts out a path towards building resilience for CPA firms. So walk on this path to build a successful firm no matter what the challenges thrown at you.


  1. Building resilience to meet all challenges
  2. Approaching resilience building strategically – The 5 key steps
  3. Action plan
  4. Working with an outsourcing services provider to build resilience.

Simply enter your details to request a free playback of the webinar, build CPA firm resilience to ensure your firm battles all odds.

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Harsh Shukla

Associate Vice President - US Operations at QXAS USA

Harsh Shukla is Associate Vice President – US Operations at QXAS USA. A Xero Certified Advisor and QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Harsh is an accounting and finance maven with over 9 years of experience in managing the taxation and accounting requirements of many diverse public accounting firms. He is an expert in US tax and legislation, with a successful track record of handling tax preparation and accounts outsourcing projects for CPAs, EAs and accounting firms across the US. His Master’s degree in Accounts and Finance coupled with wide ranging proficiency in US taxation, US Accounting, Final Accounts, Payroll, Sales Tax and IRS perfectly positions him as a man who can help CPAs, EAs and accounting firms optimize their tax season and seamlessly handle more work.

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