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Navigating the Pandemic Tax Season with Sound Mental Health – Tips for CPAs

24 Dec 2020 | Tags: Accounting, Covid-19, Mental Health

You won’t find the accounting profession listed as one of the most high-pressure professions in th...

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Building Resilience for your CPA Firm – 5 Strategic Steps from QXAS

15 Dec 2020 | Tags: Accounting, Covid-19, Webinar

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but a journey towards building more resilie...

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Why Remote Accounting is an Awesome Practical Option for Accounting Firms?

09 Dec 2020 | Tags: Accounting, Covid-19

Accounting can get really hectic at the best of times, but in the really busy season, say the tax se...

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Payroll Has Made a Come-back Amidst Covid-19

07 Jul 2020 | Tags: Accounting, Covid-19, payroll

The Labor Department reported that the US payrolls added 4.8 million in numbers last month. This wa...

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Happy fourth of July to fellow CPAs and accounting professionals

04 Jul 2020 | Tags: accountants, Covid-19

I never thought we would be celebrating Fourth of July like this. We are dealing with a global pande...

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Why Should You Outsource Tax And Accounting Work In Time Of Crisis?

11 Jun 2020 | Tags: Accounting, Covid-19, Tax outsourcing

The Covid-19 pandemic has put unprecedented stress on accounting and taxation processes. It is not j...

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Know The Federal Covid-19 Relief State wise

20 May 2020 | Tags: Accounting, Covid-19

As part of the CARES Act that stipulates a $2.2 trillion relief fund for Covid-19, the federal gover...

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How COVID-19 Will Change Sales Tax Obligations and Payroll?

05 May 2020 | Tags: accountants, Covid-19, payroll

As the world grapples with the effects of Covid-19 and a vaccine is still months away, businesses an...

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