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A New Milestone Achieved: QX Hits All the Targets With 100% Score on Every BSI Audit

3 MIN READ | Posted on April 04, 2022
Written By Pooja Kshirsagar

A New Milestone Achieved: QX Hits All the Targets With 100% Score on Every BSI Audit

Being a certified expert in their domain of service is a matter of pride for any business or agency. The year 2022 opened up several doors of opportunities for businesses all over the world, with firms making an effort to cope and thrive within the new normal.

As the new financial year is about to kick in, QX is thrilled to announce that we have achieved a 100% score on all audits in a recently conducted assessment by the British Standards Institution (BSI). BSI has been auditing and certifying QX for compliance with international standards since 2010.

Here is an insight into the standards and their parameters of assessment.


The AICPA SOC 2 is a framework to assess the process robustness of an organization for several aspects including availability, confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and security for processing related to the USA geography. QX has been instrumental in effectively maintaining these standards year by year to ensure complete data security and effectiveness for our clients. Our continuous efforts in this direction have resulted in us scoring a whopping 100% in this area.

ISO 27701

ISO 27701 is a privacy management system that helps organizations to comply with global data protection laws including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, etc. At QX, data protection is deemed of prime importance. We understand that most organizations base their outsourcing decision on factors such as quality, experience, and data protection, which makes it one of the prime areas of consideration for outsourcing service providers. QX is the first GDPR compliant outsourcing accounting firm in India, offering unparalleled services with the promise of absolute data security. Considering our efforts and measures in this area, we have been awarded a 100% score for this standard.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an information security management system that helps firms to minimize security risks and creates a base for compliance with privacy laws. As much as we emphasize the qualitative aspect of our services, information security and the privacy of our clients are equally important to us. Over the years, we have built a robust system to comply with the global privacy laws, which has paid off in the form of a 100% rating in this area.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a framework to deliver and maintain quality of service, continually improve processes, and ensure customer satisfaction. QX works on the basic principles of Quality and Excellence, which have defined and guided us through our endeavors all these years. Living up to the standards of our principles, QX has been instrumental in maintaining the quality of its services, ensuring continuous resource and process development, and ensuring overall client satisfaction through effective communication, timely reporting, and dedicated support. Consequently, we are today a proud awardee of a 100% score against this standard.

Our Story

QX was founded in 2003 as a 5-member startup. With the principles of Quality and Excellence at the fore, and a people and process-centric approach in place, it quickly grew into West India’s largest and fastest-growing outsourcing company. QX offers a wide range of outsourcing services in the highly challenging sectors of accounting, finance, and recruitment. We have served multiple geographies over the years, primarily the USA and the UK, and have a team of 2,400+ professional experts working seamlessly to make business process management simpler for a range of clients.

In 2022, QX made it to IAOP’s top 100 Global Outsourcing List for the eighth consecutive year and is a SOC 2 and GDPR compliant company. Our success resides in our clients’ reduced overhead expenses, higher profitability, and effortless scalability. Our subject matter experts are regularly trained on the latest systems and software, which helps them understand clients’ diverse needs and adapt to them seamlessly.

Scaling your business with QX

QX is a pioneer outsourcing solutions company that can transform your unnecessary overhead costs into significant savings and ensure quicker scalability. Our undying commitment to quality and data security is what sets us apart from other outsourcing service providers in the market. Our unique ‘People, Process, and Platform’ approach helps us remain at the forefront of the ever-growing competition in the outsourcing market and ensure maximum client satisfaction.

QX offers a range of services such as accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing, audit support services, tax and payroll outsourcing, financial outsourcing, recruitment and HR assistance, advisory services, and much more.

To know more about our services, call us on +1 862 946 6565 or log on to Accounts, Finance & Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services: QX Global Group.

Pooja Kshirsagar

With a rich experience of curating content for various industries, Pooja believes in the power of words in marketing and building brands. She enjoys experimenting with different forms of content and is currently on a mission to add value to the accounting industry through her detailed and researched write-ups.

Originally published Apr 04, 2022 02:04:42, updated Apr 05 2022

Topics: Achievement, Audit, Leadership, Outsourcing, Quality, QX Insights

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