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Topics: bookkeeping, bookkeeping outsourcing, outsourced bookkeeping services

5 Bookkeeping Pains Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Can Resolve

4 MIN READ | Posted on September 21, 2022
Written By Divya Ramaswamy


Love your business but hate bookkeeping? And don’t find it a thrill or excitement at the prospect of doing your clients’ books? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

As an accounting firm owner, you might have sometimes felt that bookkeeping was causing you much pain. But fret not if your in-house staff was spending much more time maintaining another company’s financial records than doing what they love. Because help is at hand!

CPA firms often struggle to help their clients stay on top of their books due to a lack of time and skilled resources. Read on to find the top 5 bookkeeping pains an outsourced bookkeeping services provider can alleviate.


The burden of stress on employees is quite underestimated. Did you know that job stress costs American companies over $300 billion yearly in health costs, absenteeism, and poor performance?

High levels of work stress can create a burden for employers in terms of job turnover and poor productivity. When you start discussing bookkeeping with CPA firm owners, you often trigger a worried look. Not only does bookkeeping cause a lot of anxiety and worry, but also a lot of stress that can be unproductive for your business. Bookkeeping can cause your staff a lot of worry and stress, and you wouldn’t have enough time to take care of every aspect of your company. That is where outsourced bookkeeping steps up, and you can trust offshore bookkeepers to reduce stress and anxiety and ensure that you are ahead of your books.


Lack of time is often used as an excuse for not performing tasks that employees don’t want to or don’t know how to attend. You should outsource your firm’s bookkeeping if you don’t find it practical to keep it in-house. An ideal outsourced bookkeeping service provider will take on the majority of your bookkeeping tasks and let you focus on running your accounting firm.

Per a recent survey, accounting firms spend 3000 hours yearly on insufficient client data. Accountants and bookkeepers lose an hour daily, manually checking client data for errors.


Another important pain is the lack of access to updated information. Clients often complain that their books are inaccurate and behind. Also, they don’t get enough reports from their bookkeepers, and the relevant information isn’t accurate when they do. You need updated and correct financial information from your clients, and you should give them access to regularly updated financial data that is accurate. But with outsourced bookkeeping services and cloud-based solutions, you shouldn’t worry about this anymore.


Most businesses prefer reviewing their tax situation with you at least semi-annually, and if your bookkeeping system isn’t kept current, how will you solve the tax pain? Another issue that accounting firms face is dealing with the stress and anxiety of maintaining financial records and preparing their client’s company for the tax season. Indeed, you don’t have much time to take care of every aspect of your client’s requirements, and that’s where bookkeeping outsourcing helps. It is always the right time to get your clients’ bookkeeping on track with the support of the best offshore bookkeepers.


Finally, the costs associated with recruiting, training, and retaining an in-house team of bookkeepers and balancing the workload take a heavy toll in terms of your CPA firm’s finances and energy. Onboarding the right bookkeeper with the right skill set for your budget is definitely a feat. Without the necessary resources to delegate bookkeeping functions, your financial integrity is at the mercy of the bookkeeper’s skillset and knowledge. And without formal training, even a minor error can lead to lost revenue.

Outsourced bookkeeping services not only cut down recruitment, training, and infrastructure costs but also reduce the risk of human error and fraud.


Without a doubt, outsourcing your accounting firm’s bookkeeping requirements can help you optimize your business and streamline your systems. What’s more? It also eliminates all the bookkeeping pain and allows for a sense of freedom and flexibility.

Looking to stay on top of your books, help your clients scale quickly while keeping regular financial records, and mapping out their business goals more accurately?


Joining hands with QXAS for outsourced bookkeeping services can help remove all the above-mentioned bookkeeping pains. It also adds more time & value alongside enabling you to engage more with your clients and improve their experience. QXAS is one of the most-preferred bookkeeping outsourcing service providers in the USA, with over 12 years of experience offering customized staffing solutions to help CPA firms achieve quick scalability.


  • Interview & hire highly talented and experienced offshore bookkeepers
  • Build immediate capacity by adding expert bookkeepers to your team within just 48 hours
  • Save up to 50% on operational costs
  • Airtight data security measures in place
  • SOC 2 Type II compliant and ISO 27001:2013 for information security management systems
  • More time to focus on innovation & growth avenues
  • Multiple engagement models to suit your firm’s requirement

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Originally published Sep 21, 2022 06:09:03, updated Sep 21 2022

Topics: bookkeeping, bookkeeping outsourcing, outsourced bookkeeping services

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