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Shane Lukas is the managing director of AVN inspiring accountants and he is the author of ‘Putting Excellence into Practice’ and ‘What’s Next for Accountants’. He is a doyen of the accounting world and a reputed member of the accounting community where he has helped over 3000 UK-based accountants massively accelerate their journey to success.

In this episode of QXAS podcast, Lukas talks about his methodology that helps his fellow accountants grow their practice while maintaining the perfect balance between personal and professional.

What’s the podcast about:

  • Turning massive challenges into a meaningful change
  • Prioritising mental health
  • The roadmap to a successful practice
  • Tips for accountants to expand their service portfolio

Quotes by Shane:

“What’s the point in being in business, if we’re just going to survive? I believe that accountants are in a great position to help them, not just survive, but to thrive.”

“Accountants are not really thinking about their own mental health and their lifestyle, they’re just getting back into the grunt work and my worry is that they are working themselves. I get why they’ve got this obligation to their clients to get this work turned around. I understand that. But my worry is that things will get worse.”

“When you’re that busy, you run the risk of making errors. You don’t have time to really make sure customer services are top notch. You don’t have time to spend with your best quality customers. You’re working, you’re not spending time working on the business, you’re working in it.”

Soundcloud Link

Reach out to Shane at:

Website: https://www.avn.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanelukasavn

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/slukas/


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