An Accountant’s Guide to Surviving Rush Season in January

With HMRC’s decision to not extend the tax season deadlines, most accountants are gearing up for the busy season hitting them hard until the 31st January deadline.


With most accountants trapped indoors for their holidays and the tax season, it’s time to prepare firm-owners for the busy season challenges amid lockdown including team fatigue, reduced team strength, last minute clients, out-of-office clients etc.

Here’s a guide to help accountants navigate this rush season, with less strain and more profits.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to tackle the last-minute to the costs or in-house team’s workload
  • Lessons from 2020 to apply to the January 2021 tax season
  • Your Surviving January 2021 Checklist
  • Preparing the People, Process and Platform Essentials
  • Your Last-Minute Strategy to tackle all tax returns

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