Tax Season Bootcamp: Make 2021 Your Firm’s Most Profitable Tax Season Yet

On-Demand Webinar

The stress that the Tax Season brings is no secret to tax and accounting professionals. It is considered by many as the most demanding times of the year, often marked by long hours, tight deadlines, last-minute meetings, and chasing clients.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine optimising your practice efficiency in the busy season to reduce burnout while achieving the highest levels of productivity?

QXAS hosted the Tax Season Bootcamp on 7th October 2021. Presented by Emma Slack and Alan Woods from AVN for Accountants along with Pramith Naidu, the Associate Vice President, Operations, QXAS, the webinar focused on positively managing the challenges along with the strategies to reduce stress and increase profits during the busy season to make 2021 your firm’s most profitable tax season yet.

The webinar highlights outsourcing as a strategic step that provides the much-needed injection of resources into your practice to allow your practice to grow from strength to strength.

Here are some takeaways from the hour-long webinar:

  • The challenges that lie ahead of you this busy season
  • Strategies to reduce the stress and burnout
  • The tremendous growth opportunity in the year ahead
  • How to restore a degree of work-life balance for your team

Simply enter your details to request a free playback of the webinar and find out how you can make this tax season the best one yet.

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Emma Slack

Emma Slack

Practice Growth Expert, AVN for Accountants

Emma Slack is a Practice Growth Expert for AVN and has helped to create much of the software and dozens of tools for AVN members. She is a qualified accountant herself and has coached hundreds of accountants to take control of their practices and become better business owners.

Emma is committed to helping accountants (and their team members) lead better lives, both at work and outside it.

Alan Woods

Alan Woods

Practice Growth Expert, AVN for Accountants & Founder, Woods Squared

Alan Woods is the founder of the award-winning accountancy practice, Woods Squared. He is a Practice Growth Expert for AVN and also a Capium Brand Ambassador, a Capitalise Industry Advisor and a Practice Ignition Product Champion.

Alan’s passion is to work with people to help them achieve their goals and he enjoys nothing more than seeing someone realise their true potential.

Pramith Naidu

Pramith Naidu

Associate Vice President, QXAS

Pramith is an accounting and payroll professional with focused expertise in helping companies manage and optimize their bottom line effectively. His core focus lies in aligning accountants and payroll companies with the most efficient, effective and affordable Accounting and Payroll services, through a custom engagement model that caters to immediate and long-term needs.




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