The ‘Master Class’ Series Webinar:
Rethink Traditional Accounting Processes: Drive Firm Growth and Profits with Existing and New Revenue Streams

On-Demand Webinar

Should successful firms put a premium on growth? How do accounting firms, especially those who haven’t faced any growth issues to date, explore new growth avenues? Why is it essential for them to do so?

These and many other such questions will be answered in this webinar. Firms that evolve, lead the progression to 21st Century firms. The firms that will survive and prosper won’t be vanilla accounting firms, but a collective of  ‘the most trusted advisors’ to their best clients. As advisors, their focus should be on offering value-added services while driving efficiencies in current services through restructuring, refocusing, and outsourcing foundational (often commoditized) services. This webinar aims to help accounting firms leverage growth-centric practice management tips, for sustainable growth.

A 21st Century firm needs to future-proof its business. This webinar tells you how to go about it.

In the hour-strong webinar, you will learn:

  • Why evolution is not just a better mousetrap but offers strategic benefits
  • Moving away from restrictive traditional methodologies and evolving to proactive value-based service engagements
  • Outsourcing as a strategy that ties in with a firm’s long-term evolution plans, irrespective of size or scope
  • The strategic benefits of outsourcing or remote staffing that go beyond just cost and include other efficiencies
  • It pays not to consider Change, Disruption, and Evolution as just buzzwords or a checklist item

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Michael Simms

President, Veracity Advisers

Michael Simms engages with successful business owners frustrated with the continuously evolving business tax landscape and is majorly concerned about building a sellable and robust business. He has a successful track recording of identifying and deploying proactive and holistic stages that help build a successful business for the future.

Pramith Naidu

Pramith Naidu

AVP Operations, QX Accounting Services

Pramith Naidu, the AVP, Operations at QXAS, has almost a decade’s experience in aligning accounting firms with the right outsourcing services backed by a solid understanding of their pain points and the ideal solutions. He has proven expertise in optimizing accounting processes and making them leaner and more robust to drive business efficiency and growth.

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