QX Prepares for Europe’s Most Prestigious Accounting & Finance Event – Accountex 2022

14 Apr 2022 | Tags: Accountex, Benefits of Outsourcing, Events, Leadership, Outsourcing

With great enthusiasm and expectations for the new financial year, we are thrilled to announce that ...

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A New Milestone Achieved: QX Hits All the Targets With 100% Score on Every BSI Audit

04 Apr 2022 | Tags: Achievement, Audit, Leadership, Outsourcing, Quality, QX Insights

Being a certified expert in their domain of service is a matter of pride for any business or agency....

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WEBINAR: Tax Season Bootcamp with QX and AVN for Accountants

04 Oct 2021 | Tags: Growth, Industry, Leadership, Outsourcing, QX Insights, Work Life

The stress that the Tax Season brings is no secret to tax and accounting professionals. It is consid...

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Leading Women in Payroll: In Conversation with Lou Gray

16 Apr 2021 | Tags: Growth, Leadership, Payroll

Conventionally seen as a male-dominated profession, the chiselled jaw of accounting has been re-cast...

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Leading Women in Payroll: In Conversation with Samantha Mann

17 Mar 2021 | Tags: Growth, Leadership, Payroll

The widening gender pay gap, the throes of remote working and the plunge in female employment rates...

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Podcast Special: Building a Sustainable £1million Practice, Working 3-days a Week

18 Nov 2020 | Tags: accounting, Growth, Leadership, practice strategy

https://soundcloud.com/theqxaspodcast/building-a-sustainable-1million-practice-review Sometimes the ...

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Podcast Special: How Accountants Can Thrive in the Post Lockdown Economy with Lucy Cohen

01 Jul 2020 | Tags: accounting, Growth, Leadership, practice strategy

We’re living in a time punctuated with Kafkaesque chaos – as the offices open up but jobs become...

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Meet the Women of QXAS: The Stories, Challenges and Breakthroughs of Women in Accounting

10 Mar 2020 | Tags: accounting, Industry, Leadership

This International Women’s Day, we scoured the floor for some extraordinary women in accounting at...

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QB Connect 2020 : 11 Experts Reveal How to Own the Future in Accounting

27 Feb 2020 | Tags: accounting, Events, Growth, Industry, Leadership

A great part of the last few years in accounting were spent anticipating whatever maybe coming for u...

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