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Liquidation Support Services

Improve your business and firm’s efficiency and performance by outsourcing onerous work related to insolvency, restructuring, and recovery.

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Winding up isn’t easy. The implications of COVID-19, the impending IR35, the ever-changing Off-Payroll Rules are pushing more business to wind up or merge – creating a need for Business Recovery and Advisory Firms to act faster and support as many businesses with appropriate advice and guidance.

QXAS has engaged a special team to assist Insolvency Practitioners and Business Recovery Advisors in looking after the compliance procedure and day-to-day tasks required to be carried out in an insolvency process.

At QXAS, we understand the importance of acting early, carry out the compliance procedure, and meet the deadlines when it comes to insolvency proceedings. Our experienced team assists insolvency practitioners and works closely with them to meet the day-to-day expectations and offer tailored assistance and support based on the client’s specific requirements/circumstances.

Dealing with pre-liquidation, post-liquidation and compliance matters – The QXAS Insolvency Team helps in taking care of the statutory requirements of insolvency proceedings so that insolvency practitioners can engage with more potential clients and accumulate more time in advising clients on administration, restructuring, mergers, and insolvency procedures.

Whether your business needs help with recovery, restructuring, or insolvency proceedings, The QXAS Insolvency Team is here to help and can assist with administration, Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), bankruptcy, and compulsory liquidation.

If you need assistance and help, be it with recovery, restructuring, insolvency, or administration proceedings, please get in touch with us today. Partner with us and let our dynamic team help you find out the best possible outcomes.

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  • Carrying out Ethical and Bribery Checks including Anti-Money Laundering and Customer Due Diligence checks
  • Assisting in Pre-Appointment procedure
  • Drafting statutory pre-liquidation reports
  • Assisting in Post-Appointment procedure
  • Investigations (including CDDA, SIP2 review, D-Report, Bounce Back Loan, Furlough, JRS, etc.)
  • Timely chasers to respective parties for required information
  • Preparing and maintaining Receipt and Payment account
  • Liaising with HMRC for clearances, VAT de-registrations and general correspondence
  • Liaising with Directors & Shareholders
  • Liaising with creditors, bank, stakeholders
  • Liaising with employees (claims and RP14A)
  • Assisting in Book Debt collections
  • Anniversary and Closure formalities (annual reports, final reports, clearances etc.)
  • End-to-end liquidation/administration process


  • Compliance and Checklists
  • Board Resolution, Virtual/Deemed/Physical Meeting Documentation
  • Statement of Affairs and SIP6 report
  • Conversion from ADM to CVL
  • Annual Reports and Final Reports
  • Administrators’ Proposal
  • 6 Months Progress Report


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