Managed Services

A tailored service approach that meets your needs.

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Our cutting edge “Managed FTE Solutions” is a revolution in the way the operating model has been innovated by QX. With Built-in Review, Governance, Fall-back, Reporting features attached, you can finally be relaxed that once you have outsourced to QX under Managed solution – “It’s for life”

Experienced, capable individuals are difficult to find. Addressing your needs through managed services and outsourcing means that you get the resources you need on your schedule.

Partnering with QX gives you the ability to scale up or down, delivering flexibility to sustain your ever-changing business setting. Making do with limited resources or fighting turnover becomes a non-issue.

In a nutshell, we help our clients focus on what they do best so they can win now and be prepared for tomorrow.

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The QX Managed Solution Advantage