Pre-Merger Due-Dilligence for UK Accounting Firms

Pre-Merger Due Diligence

Our market-leading advisory team offers a thorough examination of every aspect of the merging firm’s operations, for the long-term benefit of both parties.

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A company that does not carry out adequate due diligence before their merger or acquisition deals are highly vulnerable to business and legal risks.

Our advisory and consulting team helps you accounting firms conduct a thorough examination of all critical aspects of the your firm’s processes subject Prior to the merger. We also carry a thorough examination of every aspect of the Merging firm’s operations, for the long-term benefit of both parties to the transaction, typically undertaken prior to agreeing the final value and signing of the sale and purchase agreement terms.

All aspect of the Merging firm’s operations including financial, commercial, operational, tax, human resource, IT, antibribery/corruption, integrity, environmental, social, health and safety, governance, regulatory are taken in account.

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  • A preliminary pre-acquisition assessment of risk
  • Discussion with client to gain an understanding of the merger
  • Assessment of the most appropriate work and methodology
  • Centralised coordination fo project team
  • Preparation of due-diligence target lists to target specific areas of concern
  • Identifying/analysing the key elements affecting the merger value
  • Determine normalised profits, working capital, and net debt
  • Comprehensively identifying risks for which warranties are required
  • Determining the optimal merger structure from a financial and tax standpoint
  • Carrying out a post-merger audit & preparing the opening balance sheet
  • Evaluate the merging firm’s quality of earnings
  • Assisting with the drafting of the mechanisms of price adjusting clauses
  • Understanding the underlying performance of the merging firm


  • Last year Audit working papers
  • Last year’s signed accounts
  • Last year’s disclosure and other checklist
  • Changes in the board and group structure


  • Financial Forecast Report
  • Valuation Reports
  • Pre- Merger Due Diligence Report

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