Accounting Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: A Synonym Check Could Save Your Accounting Firm

09 Sep 2021 | Tags: accounting, Offshoring, Outsourcing

As I delve deeper in my sales career, I grow increasingly uneasy with all the semantic slippage surr...

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Podcast Special: Building a Sustainable £1million Practice, Working 3-days a Week

18 Nov 2020 | Tags: accounting, Growth, Leadership, practice strategy

Sometimes the only answer to a problem is to change the question. Today, every business owner has a ...

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Less Tedium, More Quality: QXAS Launches Audit Support Services in the UK

21 Jul 2020 | Tags: accounting, Audit, Auditing, Company News, Industry, Outsourcing, QX Insights

Why do good accountants do bad audit? It’s a question the accounting auditing industry has been st...

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Podcast Special: How Accountants Can Thrive in the Post Lockdown Economy with Lucy Cohen

01 Jul 2020 | Tags: accounting, Growth, Leadership, practice strategy

We’re living in a time punctuated with Kafkaesque chaos – as the offices open up but jobs become...

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COVID-19 Special: Podcast on Mental Health in Accountants with Karen Reyburn and Rachel Thomas

10 Apr 2020 | Tags: accounting, Industry, Work Life

Four months ago, no one knew that COVID-19 existed. Now the virus has spread to almost every country...

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Prepping for New Financial year: Creating Your Firm’s Payroll Outsourcing Strategy

30 Mar 2020 | Tags: accounting, Growth, Outsourcing, Payroll

Have you worked out your payroll outsourcing strategy, yet? Have you chosen the right external payr...

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Meet the Women of QXAS: The Stories, Challenges and Breakthroughs of Women in Accounting

10 Mar 2020 | Tags: accounting, Industry, Leadership

This International Women’s Day, we scoured the floor for some extraordinary women in accounting at...

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QB Connect 2020 : 11 Experts Reveal How to Own the Future in Accounting

27 Feb 2020 | Tags: accounting, Events, Growth, Industry, Leadership

A great part of the last few years in accounting were spent anticipating whatever maybe coming for u...

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The Top Trends That Will Invade Accounting in 2020

13 Feb 2020 | Tags: accounting, Industry, Trends

In 2018, the UK’s accounting industry witnessed a revolutionary takeover by automation and digital...

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2020 Conference: Seven Experts Reveal the Future of the Accounting Profession

07 Nov 2019 | Tags: accounting, Events, Growth, Leadership

Today’s accountants and practices are incredibly nervous about practically most things in the prof...

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