Leading Women in Payroll: In Conversation with Lou Gray

16 Apr 2021 | Tags: accountants, HMRC, Payroll outsourcing

Conventionally seen as a male-dominated profession, the chiselled jaw of accounting has been re-cast...

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Leading Women in Payroll: In Conversation with Samantha Mann

17 Mar 2021 | Tags: accountants, HMRC, Payroll outsourcing

The widening gender pay gap, the throes of remote working and the plunge in female employment rates...

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Pay-Roll, Camera, Action: Setting the Stage for Payroll 2021

12 Mar 2021 | Tags: accountants, COVID-19, HMRC, Payroll outsourcing

As the tax season comes to an end, many accountants are already gearing up for a hefty payroll year....

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New Normal Accounting: Improving Your Firm’s Visibility for Tax Season Profits

20 Jan 2021 | Tags: accountants, Marketing

In light of the new wave of lockdowns, at the peak of the tax season, we interviewed three leading m...

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How to Conquer the Last Few Weeks of Tax Season 2021?

08 Jan 2021 | Tags: accountants, Outsourcing, tax season

Endless work-hours, last-minute clients and tight time constraints – just a brief summary of what...

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How Accounting Firms Can Contribute to Sustainability

07 Dec 2020 | Tags: accountants, cloud accounting, Outsourcing, sustainability

No doubt, 2020 has been dominated by the presence of COVID-19 and its impacts. However, we mustn’t...

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Podcast Special: How Accountants Can Thrive in the Post Lockdown Economy with Lucy Cohen

01 Jul 2020 | Tags: accountants, accounting, COVID-19

We’re living in a time punctuated with Kafkaesque chaos – as the offices open up but jobs become...

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Accountants Roundup: How to Manage Mental Health While Working From Home?

29 May 2020 | Tags: accountants, accounting, COVID-19, COVID-19 Support

‘Credit the Giver’ is a golden rule in accounting. And to a far extent, most accountants...

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An Accountant’s Guide to Outsourcing Payroll in Post-COVID-19 World

27 Apr 2020 | Tags: accountants, accounting, Outsourcing

COVID-19 has upended our worlds. Most UK accounting firms are now functioning as remote firms worki...

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COVID-19 Special: Podcast on Mental Health in Accountants with Karen Reyburn and Rachel Thomas

10 Apr 2020 | Tags: accountants, accounting, mental health

Four months ago, no one knew that COVID-19 existed. Now the virus has spread to almost every country...

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