QB Connect 2020 : 11 Experts Reveal How to Own the Future in Accounting

27 Feb 2020 | Tags: accounting, Events, Growth, Industry, Leadership

A great part of the last few years in accounting were spent anticipating whatever maybe coming for u...

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‘The Future of Payroll’ Reviewed: Payroll and Recruitment Moguls Predict Tech, Services and Innovation as the Catalyst For Growth

27 Nov 2019 | Tags: Events, Growth, Leadership, Payroll, Umbrella Businesses

The Future of Payroll Tech & Services A dreary Monday in London was lit-up by a brace of inspiri...

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2020 Conference: Seven Experts Reveal the Future of the Accounting Profession

07 Nov 2019 | Tags: accounting, Events, Growth, Leadership

Today’s accountants and practices are incredibly nervous about practically most things in the prof...

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