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Why Do Auditors Leave? Decoding the Turnover Challenge for Audit Firms

6 MIN READ | Posted on July 03, 2024
Written By Pooja Kshirsagar

Why Do Auditors Leave? Decoding the Turnover Challenge for Audit Firms

Picture this: You’ve just found the perfect auditor. They’re bright, experienced, and seem to fit into your team like a missing puzzle piece. You offer them a competitive salary, throw in a few perks, and breathe a sigh of relief.

But before you know it, they’re packing up and heading off to greener pastures, leaving you scratching your head and starting the hiring process all over again. Sounds familiar?

In the competitive audit world, retaining top talent can feel like trying to hold water in a sieve. With a significant talent shortage in the UK, firms are compelled to offer enticing salaries to attract skilled auditors.

However, the real challenge lies in keeping these auditors around for the long haul. Could creating new growth opportunities within your firm help? Or would something as simple as taking routine tasks off their shoulders with audit support services do the trick?

Let’s dive into the causes, consequences, and possible solutions for audit staff turnover in your accountancy practice.


Staff Attrition in the UK


There are several reasons why your in-house auditors may choose to quit your practice. Some of the common ones include:

1. Lucrative Opportunities Elsewhere:

The grass often looks greener on the other side. Auditors frequently jump ship for better pay, more benefits, or even just a change of scenery.

2. Work-Life Balance

Audit work can be gruelling. Long hours and tight deadlines can push even the most dedicated and senior auditors to seek a better work-life balance elsewhere.

3. Lack of Career Progression

Auditors are ambitious folk. If they don’t see clear paths for advancement within your firm, they may look for opportunities to climb the ladder elsewhere.

4. Burnout

The intense nature of audit work can lead to burnout. Overworked staff are more likely to leave in search of less stressful roles.

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1. Financial Losses

Each departure costs your firm money. Recruitment, training, and the time taken for a new auditor to become fully productive all add up.

2. Missed Deadlines

High turnover can lead to understaffing, which can result in missed deadlines and rushed work. This can impact client satisfaction and your firm’s reputation.

3. Overworked Employees

When someone leaves, their workload doesn’t disappear. It gets distributed among the remaining staff, leading to overworked and stressed employees. This can create a vicious cycle of further turnover.

4. Knowledge Drain

Experienced auditors take valuable knowledge with them when they leave. This can impact the quality of your audits and the efficiency of your processes.

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While you cannot usually retain employees once they have decided to leave, you can create a work environment so favourable that they wouldn’t want to leave. Let’s look at some strategies to help you achieve this:

1. Competitive Compensation Packages

It’s not all about the salary. Consider offering comprehensive benefits packages, including health benefits, retirement plans, and performance bonuses.

2. Flexible Work Arrangements

Audit and assurance services are time-consuming and quickly drain out your staff. Offering flexible hours and remote work options can significantly improve work-life balance, making your firm more attractive to potential and current employees.

3. Career Development Opportunities

Invest in your staff’s future. Provide clear career paths, continuous professional development opportunities, and mentoring programmes.

4. Foster a Positive Work Environment

Create a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Recognise and reward hard work, encourage open communication, and promote a healthy work-life balance.

5. Monitor Workloads

Keep an eye on workloads to prevent burnout. Ensure that your auditors have manageable tasks and provide support during peak periods.

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The role of outsourcing in retaining existing talent is often debated. While a large number of accountants believe that outsourcing replaces existing talent, many others have witnessed its positive impact firsthand.

The fact is that outsourcing audit support services can be a real game-changer if your staff attrition rates have been high. Here’s how:

By outsourcing certain tasks, you can ease the burden on your in-house team, allowing them to focus on more complex and rewarding work. This not only helps in reducing burnout but also makes your firm a more attractive place to work.

1. Take Routine Tasks Off Your Plate

Outsourcing routine audit tasks like compliance and paperwork can free up your internal teams to take on more challenging and higher-value tasks.

2. Avoid Burnout

When your in-house auditors are not bombarded with paperwork, deadlines, and new projects, they have a better work-life balance, which increases their chances of staying within your firm.

3. Flexibility

Outsourcing your external audit process provides the flexibility to scale your team up or down based on your needs. This is particularly beneficial during peak audit seasons.

4. Quick Availability of Resources

In case your seasoned staff members decide to move on, outsourcing allows you to hire replacement resources quickly and efficiently. An added advantage is that you need to train and educate these resources as they are already experts in their field.


As a market leader in outsourcing, QX Accounting Services is your ideal partner for tailored audit support services. We understand auditors’ challenges and apprehensions and provide customised solutions to support your growth journey.

We aren’t just another body shop solutions provider; we are a strategic partner supporting you every step of the way. You can outsource your entire audit process to us, right from planning to processing and reporting. Our scope of work includes:

  • Assistance in Engagement Planning and Risk Assessments
  • Audit Testing and Evidence Gathering through Test of Details and Analytical Procedures
  • End to End Processing of Statutory Audits compliant with UK GAAP and ISA’s
  • Specific Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Review of Audit Files
  • Onshore Audit Support – both short-term and long-term

Curious to learn more? Call us at +44 208 146 0808 or click the button below to request a free trial.


High audit staff turnover is a pressing issue for many accountancy practices. It’s a costly and disruptive problem, but it’s not an unsolvable one. By understanding the causes and consequences and implementing strategies to improve retention, you can build a more stable and productive team.

And remember, outsourcing audit support isn’t just a quick fix—it’s a strategic move that can help you manage workload, reduce costs, and ultimately retain your top talent. So, the next time you find yourself facing yet another resignation letter, take a step back and consider how these solutions can help keep your practice running smoothly.

At the end of the day, keeping your auditors happy and engaged isn’t just good for them—it’s good for your business too. Cheers to a more stable and prosperous audit practice!

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Topics: Audit, Audit Support, Auditing, Outsourcing, Staffing, staffing crisis

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