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New Identity, Same Commitment: Unveiling the New QX Brand Logo

Rishmita Aich

Marketing Manager, QXAS UK

As we move into the 17th year of Enabling Transformation for our clients’ businesses using our framework of People, Process and Platform, we are excited to announce the transformation of the ‘QX’ brand to ‘QX Global Group’ brand.

To reflect our brand and its evolving relationship with its global client base, the current logo will give way to a more modern version. We’re delighted to unveil our revamped & refreshed brand logo which better communicates our mission to be the most customer-centric business transformation partner.

Over these years, QX has provided consistent service delivery to its clients, infusing Quality and Excellence at every stage. Continuing further on that front, we are undergoing an evolution to serve our clients even better, especially in these unprecedented times, with emphasis on delivering innovative services that support your rebound strategies and business transformation goals.
Our new logo seeks to communicate this evolution.

The Thinking behind the Logo

Stylised by elements of vision, values and purpose of the company as well as its diverse range of services and global reach, the new logo reflects a new era for the company, one that better represents our core values, what we do, and how we operate.

The QX Global Group – Divisional Logos

QX primarily comprises of three business service units that form the ‘QX Global Group’. Under each business unit sit a wide range of services and products. The identities of these units are inexplicably linked to the QX Global Group brand identity. Subtle adaptations to the main logo are done, solely to clearly communicate the different service offerings within the QX Global Group.

Skipping the nitty-gritties of the design thinking that went behind this transformation, we’d like to inform you about the change, so you won’t be too surprised as and when you receive any communications from QX going forward. In the coming weeks, we will update all our literature and online presence etc. with the new logo.

Our current focus remains on safe and consistent delivery of our services as we continue to navigate through this disruptive time. We are still the same QX that you know and trust, but with a visual identity that is more consistent with where QX stands today.

As you can imagine, we are excited and pleased with the makeover. We would love to hear your take on our new and improved look. Please reach out to us on [email protected] with your thoughts and feedback.

ABOUT Rishmita Aich

As a Journalist turned Marketer, Rishmita has developed a unique perspective when it comes to analysing & covering the changing landscape of the accounting industry. Influenced by Andrew Sorkin and Stephanie Flanders, she aspires to deliver souhgt-after advice, fresh updates & detailed analysis of HMRC legislations through her work for accounting practices to make better, informed decisions. She has spent the last 3 years creating insightful content for accountants, and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing to educate accountants about outsourcing. More Posts(2)  

Originally published Oct 10, 2020 05:10:05, updated October 10 2020

Topics: Inside QX

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