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5 Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated Amid the Self Assessment Tax Season Stress

4 MIN READ | Posted on September 29, 2022
Written By Pooja Kshirsagar


The Self Assessment season is undeniably one of the busiest times of the year for accountants. As multiple returns keep piling up on their desks amid the peak holiday season, accountants are forced to battle several challenges.

The UK accounting industry is gripped with severe capacity challenges. This issue only worsens as we move toward the busy Self Assessment season.

In one of QXAS’s conversations with accountants, unexpected employee absences and peak season resignations were reported among the top tax season challenges. Therefore, it is important to nurture your team, prepare them for the tax season, and keep them motivated to sail through the Self Assessment season successfully.

Whether you employ in-house tax professionals or outsource Self Assessment tax return, preparing your team and boosting their morale from time to time is essential.

Here are five tips to help accountants nurture their team and keep them motivated amid the tax season stress.

1. Make their health your primary concern

In order for your staff to be entirely productive and efficient during the tax season, it is essential that they are fit and healthy. Accountants should, therefore, make employees’ health their top priority.

Check up on your staff regularly and ensure they are doing well. Once in a while, organise de-stressing sessions and activities for your team to relax and unwind. Employees are motivated to perform best when they feel valued and cared for.

2. Do not overburden them

The busy Self Assessment season is characterised by unwelcome surprises. No matter how well you plan your work, there will always be clients sending last-minute tax preparation and filing requests.

But irrespective of how stressful it gets, don’t let your staff bear all the brunt alone!

When employees are burdened with work, they not only feel stressed but also become unproductive. Instead, try to hire external help from tax preparation outsourcing companies to take some workload off your team’s shoulders.

3. Lend a listening ear

The busy tax season is hectic and stressful. Accountants are often away from their families, bound to their office desks while the world engages in festivities. Naturally, your employees will feel frustrated and low at times.

On such days, your staff doesn’t need a boss; they need a friend. Check in with your team and listen to their problems. Understand their challenges and help come up with a solution. This will ultimately help you make significant decisions, such as bringing in new technology or outsourcing tax preparation work.

Besides, it will give your employees a sense of belongingness to your firm and motivate them to work dedicatedly.

4. Express your gratitude

Your team is the backbone of your firm. How successfully you sail through the Self Assessment season largely depends on your team’s commitment. So, if you managed to come out of the tax season successfully last year, don’t forget to thank your team.

Thanking your team doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple ‘Thank You’ note or an email can help boost your employees’ morale. Make sure you publicly acknowledge your team’s efforts to make them feel valued and appreciated.

5. Reward them

While appreciation is motivating in itself, rewarding your employees from time to time is crucial. It helps them realise their potential and encourages them to give their 100% at work.

Rewards may be monetary or in kind. The most popular rewarding technique is to incentivise your employees. Besides, you can also surprise your team with a thoughtful gift or reward them with shopping or restaurant coupons.

If your team has been working too hard and putting in extra hours at work, the best reward for them will be to reduce their workload. With dedicated tax preparation outsourcing for accounting firms, you can help your staff relax and create capacity for your firm.

To Summarise

Your team is your greatest asset during the busy Self Assessment season. Whether you are working with an in-house team or outsourcing tax preparation to an offshore location, you must make your employees feel valued and appreciated.

Amid the ongoing Great Resignation in the UK, if accountants owning small and midsized practices are to grow and flourish, nurturing employees is the key. Over the last few years, numerous accountancy practices have lost skilled employees to the larger fish in the pond. To avoid this situation in the midst of the busy tax season, preparing and motivating your employees is essential.

If you are looking to take the burden off your team and create capacity for your firm through outsourcing, QXAS is the ultimate destination. We specialise in dedicated tax preparation outsourcing services and help accountants navigate the Self Assessment season effectively.

To avail an exclusive early bird offer on our services, book a consultation with our outsourcing expert today.


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Pooja Kshirsagar

With a rich experience of curating content for various industries, Pooja believes in the power of words in marketing and building brands. She enjoys experimenting with different forms of content and is currently on a mission to add value to the accounting industry through her detailed and researched write-ups.

Originally published Sep 29, 2022 11:09:03, updated Sep 29 2022

Topics: Outsourcing, self-assessment tax season, Tax, Tax preparation, Tax return, tax season

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