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Year-End Accounts Outsourcing Services

Year-End Accounts Outsourcing Services

Outsource Year-End Accounts to Build Capacity and Achieve Cost Savings

It’s the busiest time of the year and you’re up to your neck in work. With hundreds of statutory year-end accounts requiring compiling and completion, you and your staff might be working late nights, hunting for extra staff, and struggling to finish everything on time.

Outsourcing your year-end accounting tasks not only offers significant cost savings but also helps address your talent shortage quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with QXAS on your side, you’ll be able to offer your clients bundled service offerings.

Generally, businesses prefer to work with a single practice that can address all their accounting needs. But don’t worry if you don’t have the expertise to add these services to your portfolio. With QXAS, you’ll be able to take actionable steps to scale your practice and increase the scope of services, which helps build resilience for the future.


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QX Benefits of Outsourcing Year-End Accounting Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Year-End Accounting Services to QXAS:

Scale Your Accounting Services: One of the top benefits of working with an outsourced accounting company is that it helps you build immediate scalability without going through a long-drawn-out recruitment process.

Cost Savings: Save up to 50% on all accounting services and build cost efficiencies by saving on infrastructure, recruitment, and other associated hiring costs.

Time Savings: Outsource your year-end accounting tasks and get more time to do the work that matters – ergo, the kind of work that grows your practice.

Offer Bundled Services: With outsourcing, you’ll be able to offer a broader range of services to your clients, thereby exploring new revenue streams and growing your practice.

Airtight Data Security Measures: QXAS has strong data protection controls in place for data transfer and processing. We are GDPR compliant and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.

QX Choose the Best Accounting Outsourcing Provider

Choose the Best Accounting Outsourcing Provider

  • An award-winning company that is 100% GDPR compliant
  • ACCA-approved Gold Employer
  • ISO 27001 compliance for security and ISO 9001 compliant for quality management
  • A steady stream of qualified accountants through the QX Academy
  • Stay on top of all accounting jobs with the QX Tracker App
  • Flexible engagement models catering to all requirements, whether big, minor, temporary, or permanent


  • Preparation of working papers including control accounts and lead schedules
  • Analysis of income and expense
  • Reconciliation of all control accounts with statement balances
  • Preparation of extended trial balance
  • Posting workings in accounts productions software
  • Draft accounts in PDF
  • A two-stage review of processes
  • Filing of accounts with the Companies Registration Office Ireland and ROS
  • Last year’s working papers and final accounts
  • Duly filed QX Checklist
  • Access to Accounts production and bookkeeping software
  • Current year documents and files like Bank, credit card, lease, loan statements and payroll reports
  • Supplier’s statement of account
  • Statement of account, charges and payment reports, activity summary from ROS liabilities like PAYE, VAT, RCT and CT
  • Reports required for RCT payment notification made and received
  • TWSS reconciliation sheet and EWSS subsidy excel sheet from payroll software
  • PSWT forms F45
  • Excel working papers with indices, hyperlinks, lead schedules and control accounts
  • Full set of accounts
  • Abbreviated accounts
  • Agenda Points


QXAS offers outsourced accounting services for small businesses as well as medium and large-sized accounting practices. We offer two primary engagement models: Pay-As-You-Go and Dedicated Resource or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) model. Your accounting practice can choose the engagement model that best suits your needs.

The outsourcing process is divided into five primary phases, beginning with project evaluation and ending with transformation. First, we get a clear idea of the volume of work and a better understanding of your accounting practice and its internal processes. This will help us to identify the right people, process, and platform to handle your requirements. Next, we proceed with project execution and the transition process.

QXAS adopts a ‘Security First’ Approach across its accounting outsourcing processes. We are SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant, GDPR Compliant, and also ISO 27001 certified for security. Your financial data is in safe hands with us, and we ensure that it doesn’t pass into the wrong hands.

With the QXAS Tracker App, you can monitor the progress of your accounting tasks in real-time. You can download our mobile app to keep track of all your outsourced accounting tasks.

The decision whether to outsource or not is up to you as you’re the best judge of your specific needs. With accounting outsourcing, you stand to gain significant cost savings, improve business profitability, and free up more time to focus on strategic initiatives.