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ESG for CPAs: 7 Practical Strategies to Drive Sustainability and Social Responsibility

7 MIN READ | Posted on May 09, 2023
Written By Divya Ramaswamy

ESG for CPAs: 7 Practical Strategies to Drive Sustainability and Social Responsibility | Image by Freepik

Amid the increased focus on sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, businesses are constantly under pressure to demonstrate their commitment. While accounting is one industry that may not immediately come to mind when discussing it, BDO’s recently published sustainability report emphasizes that it is possible. It hints that it’s high time CPAs and accounting firms take a leadership role in sustainability and ESG.

BDO USA, LLP, a global network of independent accounting firms, recently released its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and ESG issues. The report outlines the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, including its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, increase diversity and inclusion, and support local communities.

The report highlights include BDO’s achievement of carbon neutrality in its operations, its support for various environmental initiatives, and its commitment to increasing diversity within its workforce. The report also provides detailed information on BDO’s approach to ESG reporting, including its efforts to align with industry standards and best practices.

So, Why is ESG Important to Accountants?

CPAs and accounting firms are vital in driving sustainability and ESG practices. CPAS must understand the compelling reasons behind committing to sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. By embracing these practices, CPAs can meet stakeholder expectations and unlock numerous benefits for their firms and clients. Committing to sustainability and ESG practices allows CPAs to align with the changing expectations of stakeholders. Clients, investors, employees, and regulators now prioritize businesses that strongly commit to sustainability. By embracing these practices, CPAs can enhance their reputation, build trust, and foster long-term relationships with their stakeholders.

Integrating sustainability and ESG considerations into accounting practices enables CPAs to manage risks effectively. Sustainability issues pose various business risks, including regulatory compliance, reputational damage, and operational disruptions. By committing to these practices, CPAs can help their clients identify and mitigate these risks, ensuring business resilience in the face of an evolving business landscape.

Furthermore, sustainability and ESG commitments offer significant business opportunities. As more organizations adopt sustainable practices, there is a growing demand for accounting services related to sustainability reporting, ESG advisory, and assurance. By embracing sustainability and ESG, CPAs can position themselves as trusted advisors in this emerging market, expanding their client base and driving business growth.

CPAs and accounting firms should wholeheartedly commit to sustainability and ESG practices. By doing so, they can meet stakeholder expectations, effectively manage risks, seize business opportunities, and contribute to a better and more sustainable future. Embracing sustainability and ESG is necessary in today’s business landscape and a chance to differentiate oneself and thrive as a trusted advisor in a rapidly changing world. Continue reading for some easy yet practical ways to drive sustainability and social responsibility.

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

CPA firms recognize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Embrace energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting and smart power management systems in your office. Encourage employees to practice energy-saving habits and promote remote work options to reduce transportation emissions. Prioritize sustainable transportation methods like public transit or electric vehicles when travel is necessary. By taking these steps, you contribute to sustainability efforts while enhancing employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

2. Embrace Sustainable Procurement

As CPAs, we understand the significance of sustainable procurement in minimizing our environmental impact. Prioritize suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste generation, and employing environmentally conscious production methods. By supporting sustainable suppliers, we create a market demand for eco-friendly products and services, driving positive change across industries.

3. Promote Circular Economy Principles

Promote circular economy principles to encourage clients to adopt sustainable practices. Educate them on waste reduction, material reuse, and recycling benefits. Assist in developing strategies that optimize resource usage and minimize waste generation in their operations. By embracing sustainable consumption practices, clients mitigate their environmental impact and improve cost-efficiency and long-term sustainability.

4. Drive ESG Reporting

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting is essential for evaluating sustainability performance and disclosing relevant information to stakeholders. As CPAs, we are pivotal in assisting clients with comprehensive ESG reporting and advisory services. Integrating ESG considerations into financial reporting enhances transparency and accountability, helping organizations set sustainability targets and implement effective ESG strategies.

5. Champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is a societal and business imperative. CPAs must create inclusive work environments that value diversity and ensure equal employment opportunities. Implement unbiased hiring practices, actively recruit and retain a diverse talent pool, and offer training programs to foster cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. Advocate for DE&I initiatives by encouraging clients to prioritize diversity and inclusion in their organizations. Through our commitment to DE&I, we contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.

6. Embrace Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Recognize your responsibility to give back to the communities in which you operate. Prioritize social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives to support local organizations and address societal challenges. Engage in community service activities, volunteer, mentor, and provide pro bono services to non-profit organizations. Encourage employees to participate in charitable endeavors and offer matching donation programs to amplify the impact. By demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility, we foster the well-being and development of our communities.

7. Advice on Sustainable Investments

Leverage your expertise as a CPA to guide clients in making sustainable investment decisions. Assist them in evaluating investment opportunities based on their environmental, social, and governance impacts. By incorporating sustainability considerations into investment strategies, we promote responsible investment practices and encourage capital allocation toward sustainable and ethical projects. Analyze and assess the ESG performance of potential investments, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions aligned with sustainability objectives.


Accounting firms and CPAs have a significant role in driving sustainability and ESG initiatives. They commit to sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint through energy-efficient practices and promoting remote work and sustainable transportation. Sustainable procurement practices are prioritized, emphasizing working with suppliers who employ sustainable materials and production methods. Promoting circular economy principles involves encouraging clients to reduce waste, reuse materials, and adopt sustainable consumption practices.

ESG reporting and advisory services help clients understand and manage environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities. Accountants and CPA firms actively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within their workplaces by encouraging clients to prioritize DE&I. They also demonstrate social responsibility through philanthropic initiatives, contributing to the betterment of their communities.

Moreover, they offer guidance on sustainable investment strategies, allowing clients to evaluate investments based on their environmental, social, and governance impact. By integrating sustainability and ESG considerations into their services, accountants and CPA firms contribute to a more sustainable and responsible business landscape. These commitments align with the global sustainability agenda and enhance the reputation and credibility of accountants and CPA firms as trusted advisors in pursuing a more sustainable future.

Outsourcing as a Strategy: Empowering CPAs for Sustainable Excellence

Outsourcing emerges as a dynamic solution, empowering CPAs to address the core strategies driving sustainability and social responsibility. By harnessing the expertise of outsourced partners, CPAs can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, capitalizing on eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient technologies. Sustainable procurement becomes a reality as outsourcing facilitates collaboration with suppliers of sustainable materials and environmentally-conscious production methods. Moreover, the drive towards circular economy principles gains momentum as specialized outsourcing providers equip CPAs and their clients with optimized strategies, minimizing waste generation while maximizing resource efficiency.

In ESG reporting, outsourcing becomes a catalyst, ensuring comprehensive reporting and strategic advisory services that enhance transparency and accountability. Beyond financial aspects, outsourcing nurtures diversity, equity, and inclusion, aligning with CPAs’ commitment to fostering inclusive work environments and encouraging clients to prioritize DE&I initiatives.

Moreover, by delegating non-core tasks, outsourcing enables CPAs to allocate their valuable time and resources towards social responsibility and philanthropic endeavors, fostering meaningful community impact. In the hands of CPAs, outsourcing becomes the ultimate driver of sustainability and social responsibility, propelling the profession toward a brighter and more responsible future.

Over to You

So how are you going to prioritize ESG? As CPAs and accounting professionals, the power to drive sustainability lies in your hands—act by reducing your carbon footprint, embracing sustainable procurement, and promoting circular economy principles. Offer ESG reporting and advisory services, prioritize diversity and inclusion, engage in social responsibility, and advocate for sustainable investment.

By leading the way in sustainability and ESG, you can shape a brighter future for all.

The choice is yours.

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Topics: Accounting outsourcing, ESG, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping, sustainability

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