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Topics: offshore tax preparation services, outsourced tax preparation services, Tax preparation, Tax preparation outsourcing

7 Signs You Should Be Outsourcing Your Tax Preparation Now

4 MIN READ | Posted on November 18, 2022
Written By Divya Ramaswamy

outsourced tax prep services, offshore tax prep services

When it comes to handling tax preparation requirements, you could consider bringing on an in-house tax preparer, but that often proves to be an expensive affair. Whereas outsourced tax preparation services could benefit your firm enormously. From access to licensed, qualified professional expertise, cost & time savings, the highest levels of data security, and cutting-edge technology, tax prep outsourcing can be highly advantageous to growth-focused CPA firms.

There are no second thoughts when deciding to delegate your tax preparation requirements. But is it time to make the leap now? That is the question.

Suppose you are convinced about the advantages of outsourced tax preparation services but remain somewhat indecisive about when to get started; you are at the right place. Read on to learn tell-tale signs that indicate it is time to outsource your CPA firm’s tax prep requirements.

1. You Want to Avoid Mistakes

Outsourcing is one of the most effective ways of risk mitigation, especially when it comes to tax preparation. Making mistakes and missing deadlines in filing taxes can lead to costly penalties. With outsourced tax prep services, you can leave it to the experts who will handle the whole process efficiently and help mitigate risks.

2. You Wish You Were Spending More Time on Growing your Business

While your back office functions, like payroll, tax preparation, etc., are essential, they could take a lot of time away from your core business. Such tasks are not directly going to generate revenue or help you scale. Not only will your company’s growth be inhibited, but you will also be investing a lot of time.

3. You Need to Cut Costs

It is a myth that outsourced services cost more than maintaining an in-house team. Even though you need to pay the service provider to take care of your firm’s tax prep requirements, in the long run, you can save big because you cut your overhead by as much as 50% or more. What’s more? You will also achieve productivity and more significant cost savings as you allocate your in-house team to focus on more revenue-generating tasks.

4. You are Concerned about Data Protection

There might be an outsourcing cost, but you might have to pay bigger for fraud, whether intentional or just an honest human error. Tax preparation is not only about the little details but also involves handling highly confidential client information. When your in-house staff is spread thinly across all aspects of your accounting firm, it’s easy for errors to fall through the cracks. Delegating your tax prep requirements to a reputable service provider gives you the peace of mind that things are managed well. When you partner with the best outsourced tax prep solutions provider, you also have an expert reviewing the work, and the highest data protection standards are in practice.

5. Your In-House Tax preparer has Let You Down

Although accounting firms sometimes prefer their in-house staff handle specific functions, which might seem like a smart strategy, some risk is associated. What if your in-house tax preparers don’t keep up with the deadlines, fail to stay updated with the ever-changing tax laws, or miss out on delivering quality work on time? With outsourced tax prep services, you can be sure that your offshore tax preparer will stay on top of the tax laws, and you’ll have an expert working as an extension of your team and be available whenever you have questions.

6. You Prefer Making Real-Time Decisions

Given how outsourced tax preparation services providers use cloud technology, it enables you to access your confidential data from your location by simply accessing the internet. Not only will your tax prep requirements be handled by expert tax preparers, but you will also be able to make real-time decisions.

7. You Want to Scale Quickly

As your accounting firm grows and your client’s requirements increase, delegating your tax prep tasks to professionals will empower you with the capability to customize the scope of work and tailor solutions to suit your unique needs. Not only will that free up your time and achieve cost savings, but also the hassle of recruiting additional staff. Outsourcing helps you gain a competitive edge and scale your accounting firm seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

So how is your firm doing with respect to tax preparation services? Are you still trying to manage it in-house? If it’s consuming a lot of your time that could be better spent on actually growing your accounting firm, it is a clear indication that it’s time to delegate your tax preparation requirements.

If you are looking for trained experts who would go above and beyond and do their absolute best to help you increase your profits and achieve your goals, then we would like to invite you to enter the form below. We’ll review your business goals and requirements and show you how we can be a great fit to work together.

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Originally published Nov 18, 2022 05:11:51, updated Nov 29 2022

Topics: offshore tax preparation services, outsourced tax preparation services, Tax preparation, Tax preparation outsourcing

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