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7 Common Tax Season Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

5 MIN READ | Posted on November 14, 2022
Written By Divya Ramaswamy

7 Common Tax Season Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

We all know how overwhelming it can get when it comes to filing income tax returns. Despite receiving multiple reminders and skimming through many related stories online, most of us constantly push it to the back of our minds. In fact, dealing with taxes at the eleventh hour has almost become a tradition. From pushing it off to the last minute, entering incorrect details to more complex errors, filing income tax returns is prone to several mistakes.

Taxes are undoubtedly a complicated segment of personal finances but avoiding these common mistakes can help you avoid some penalties and headache-inducing errors. To help you sail smoothly through the tax season and make it as stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes you could avoid when filing your taxes.


Despite several reminders, many ignore IRS tax bills and choose not to file tax returns. Penalties for not filing tax returns are more than late payments, which is one of the most common mistakes that could be avoided. One of the main reasons people avoid filing ITRs is that they cannot pay. But according to experts, it is better to file and not pay than not to file at all. If you are afraid of receiving a tax bill that is unaffordable to you, there are several steps you can take.


Math errors remain among the most common mistakes people make during the tax season. Math errors are often overlooked, from simple addition and subtraction to complex calculations. As of April 2022, the IRS has issued 9.4 million math error notices. Math error adjustments bring with them several significant consequences if taxpayers fail to act quickly.


From misspelled names, incorrect filing status, and bank account numbers to figuring credits or deductions, incorrect details are one of the most common mistakes taxpayers make. For example, taxpayers make mistakes figuring things like their Child & Dependent Care Credit, earned income tax credit, and the standard deduction. The IRS advises taxpayers to follow the instructions carefully and recommends using the Interactive Tax Assistant. Another mistake taxpayers make is filing with an expired individual tax identification number (ITIN). These are some of the common errors that can be avoided when preparing tax returns.


Many Americans don’t realize they generate income subject to tax, including rental income, earnings from stock options, dividends, interests, and unemployment compensation. Failing to include income from a tax return might result in unpaid taxes subject to interest as well as penalties. It is crucial that one report all kinds of income that is subject to tax in order to avoid penalties.


You never know at what stage tax filing gets more complicated than expected. Irrespective of whether you need additional paperwork, information, or requirements to switch to hiring a professional, you must ensure that you do not rush until the last moment. Procrastination is going to cost you a lot more than money. There’s nothing worse than owing a large amount of money to the IRS and finding it out almost close to the deadline. Getting your taxes done early gives you ample time, so you have more time to save up to pay and steer clear of penalties.


Although this is another common mistake taxpayers make, not being aware of one’s eligibility for certain tax deductions can make you miss valuable tax-saving opportunities. For instance, while the IRS might prompt you when you have claimed someone as a dependent, your returns won’t be fixed if you miss out on claiming the Child & dependent care credit or the Home office deduction. You could be leaving some serious money on the table if you miss out on tax deductions or aren’t aware of your eligibility for tax deductions and credits.


Most taxpayers can’t wait to file their income tax returns because filing early enables them to get their refunds early. But filing too early or rushing the process can lead to mistakes that might require making amends later. Given how overwhelming filing taxes can get, many also push it to the back of their minds and leave it until the eleventh hour. A recent survey reported that almost 32% of Americans wait until the last moment to file their tax returns. But be it filing too early or dealing with it at the very last minute, things can get quite challenging, especially if you are running an accounting firm. It is best to take help and delegate your tax preparation requirements to avoid errors and penalties. With tax preparation outsourcing, you can be confident that your tax return filing is done right and on time, from simple to complex tax returns, irrespective of your situation.


Not choosing e-filing and not having a professional file your taxes can also be included as mistakes you can avoid. While e-filing your return can help reduce error rates and keep human error out of the equation, taking professional help would do the same, alongside helping you take advantage of tax-saving opportunities. Make it less taxing on yourself, and leave it to the experts!

Pressured by tax deadlines, individuals and businesses commit costly mistakes that could lead to penalties. Experienced accountants understand the pressure businesses feel as tax season approaches and look forward to helping individuals and businesses file their returns without any errors. But what happens when CPAs and accounting firms don’t have the capacity to handle their clients’ tax filing requirements? Offshore tax preparation services come to the rescue! You can avoid all the mistakes mentioned above and more by delegating your tax preparation needs to offshore tax preparers.


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Originally published Nov 14, 2022 05:11:55, updated Nov 14 2022

Topics: Tax outsourcing, Tax prep support outsourcing, Tax preparation, Tax season

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