An Accountant’s Master Guide to Payroll 2021

30 Mar 2021 | Tags: CJRS, COVID-19, Payroll outsourcing

It’s payroll time of the year! CJRS, furlough calculations and the never-ending payroll complicati...

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Pay-Roll, Camera, Action: Setting the Stage for Payroll 2021

12 Mar 2021 | Tags: accountants, COVID-19, HMRC, Payroll outsourcing

As the tax season comes to an end, many accountants are already gearing up for a hefty payroll year....

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CJRS Extended: How Offshore Team Members Are Taking Care of the Payroll Hassles for

20 Feb 2021 | Tags: COVID-19, HMRC, Outsourcing

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the UK Government announced different measures to support t...

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Podcast Special: Building a Sustainable £1million Practice, Working 3-days a Week

18 Nov 2020 | Tags: COVID-19, Outsourcing, Tax outsourcing

Sometimes the only answer to a problem is to change the question. Today, every business owner has a ...

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Podcast Special: How Accountants Can Thrive in the Post Lockdown Economy with Lucy Cohen

01 Jul 2020 | Tags: accountants, accounting, COVID-19

We’re living in a time punctuated with Kafkaesque chaos – as the offices open up but jobs become...

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Accountants Roundup: How to Manage Mental Health While Working From Home?

29 May 2020 | Tags: accountants, accounting, COVID-19, COVID-19 Support

‘Credit the Giver’ is a golden rule in accounting. And to a far extent, most accountants...

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